MaryAnn Gramig

gramigmaryannFee Range: $500-1000, Flexible
Location: Kentucky
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Until May 2006, MaryAnn Gramig expressed her love for the law as a paralegal in both civil litigation as well as appellate cases. Overtime, however, she began to feel more concerned for the decline of decency she saw taking place in the culture. With three children at home, she was distressed by the presence of illegal pornography and the unrestrained growth of the sex industry. Her search to find a way to make a difference for her own children and one day their children, led her to ROCK- a Louisville, KY based non-profit corporation dedicated to raising the level of decency for the protection of children, families and communities across our region. When told after her initial interview she would be a perfect fit but that there was no room for expansion at the non-profit at that time, MaryAnn felt so strongly that ROCK was the place God had called her to use her skills and abilities she informed the president of the organization that she would leave her firm to come on the ROCK staff pro bono until she could be hired.

A full year later, in May of 2007, MaryAnn was officially hired as Director of Policy and Operations at ROCK. She oversees all aspects of policy, legal matters, projects and campaigns designed to achieve ROCK’s goal of building stronger communities and families. MaryAnn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History with a minor in Constitutional Law from Florida International University. She received her Paralegal degree from the University of Louisville. She has served on numerous boards of directors for both Christian and secular organizations, is a member of the Christian Law Association and founded the Broward County, Florida chapter of Concerned Women for America. She has been a guest panelist on television and radio programs addressing decency issues in our culture and is a sought after public speaker booked months in advance.

As the wife of a career Army officer and combat veteran, she has first hand knowledge of the sacrifices made to preserve and protect our Constitutional rights and freedoms. She has become increasingly concerned by the assault on our country’s foundational principles and values.

MaryAnn says, “Even though I have been guilty of uttering them myself, I have never believed that the words, “No” and “Lord” can truthfully occur in the same sentence. If they do- then one is a lie. He is not truly my Lord. Our founders sacrificed life, limb, family and fortune. It is our privilege and duty to take a stand for what is decent and good for our children and families across this nation. It is an awesome and humbling privilege to work at ROCK. I can’t wait to get up every morning and realize that I have an important role in helping to defend our Judeo-Christian principles. As citizens stand up and stand together we will forever change our culture.”