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It can be said that Mandie Pinto has an endless song echoing in her soul. Falling in love with music at a very young age, Mandie considers her musical talents true gifts from God. Her passion for music is seen and heard in the lyrics she writes, the songs she sings, the music she plays, and in her desire to develop leaders and encourage gifted musicians. She has blessed audiences all over with her diverse music styles and great song repertoire. Truly, her joy comes from being a light wherever the Lord plants her.

Mandie was born and raised in Southern California, where she attended private Christian schools, and developed a personal relationship with the Lord early in life. At the age of eight, she began taking piano lessons and subsequently ventured into voice training. At the youthful age of 14, Mandie felt the call to minister through music, and set out to sing at churches throughout the San Fernando Valley. Mandie’s music ministry takes her to churches and other venues all over the United States.

Mandie has independently recorded and released seven solo albums in the last 17 years (Angel Eyes, Someday, Count All Your Blessings, Better Things, Where You Are, In The Garden – Hymns of Serenity and most recently, Mandie Pinto Live-Let it Rain recorded live at Capitol Records). Many of the songs on her albums were produced and arranged by Mandie, and she has taken great delight in producing the songs of other up and coming artists. In addition, Mandie recorded songs for projects released by Los Angeles Baptist High School, Azusa Pacific University, Shepherd of the Hills, and the Crystal Cathedral. Mandie is an accomplished songwriter, with several of her songs winning notable awards in the Billboard Song Contest and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

A popular guest at Dr. Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Mandie appeared frequently on the Hour of Power from 1997 to 2003. From 1996 to 2000, she appeared continuously as a principal soloist in the Crystal Cathedral production of the Glory of Christmas, singing Mary, Did You Know?, and during one season of the Glory of Easter as Mary Magdalene. Other stage credits include The Passion Play at Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, CA, and Christmas productions at Shepherd of the Hills and the Dream Center in Los Angeles.

In 2005, Mandie had the distinct pleasure and honor of both co-writing and recording with her friend, Blake Ewing, the ending credit song, Along the River for the major motion picture, End of the Spear distributed by 20th Century Fox. This film was released nationwide and portrayed the touching story of missionaries Jim Elliot and Nate Saint.

Mandie is currently the Worship Team Leader at Real Life Church in Santa Clarita, California. She has been blessed to work at Real Life Church since the day its doors opened on October 1st, 2000. Her job consists of music selection, organizing a community of musicians and singers (approximately 35 participants), transcribing charts, creating charts, team leading and vocal/song arranging.

Throughout the last 15 years, Mandie has had the privilege of singing the National Anthem and/or Canadian Anthem at major sporting events throughout Southern California, including the Staples Center (Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Lakers), Anaheim Stadium (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Arrowhead Pond (Mighty Ducks), and Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers), World’s Women’s Tennis, U.S. Olympic Swim Trials and the U.S. Olympic Men’s Gymnastic Finals. Mandie has recorded for Nintendo, NAMCO, Toyota, Disney and the theme song to Miss Spider on Nickelodeon, as well as many children albums.

Mandie resides in Southern California with her husband, Jeremy to whom she is happily married for over five years, and their beautiful toddler, Bridgette Claire.


Mandie Pinto is the real deal. She is a woman with great passion for God, a heart for worship, and an extraordinary voice. Her pursuit of excellence is inspiring and she is always a joy to work with in any capacity. An accomplished musician and songwriter as well, Mandie leads people to the throne of grace with honesty and ease.
Scott Krippayne
Recording Artist / Songwriter

Mandie is a phenomenal songwriter. She has the expertise, experience, and creativity to convey a message through words and music. Thanks be to God that she uses her unbelievable artistry to write anointed songs that connect people with our Lord.

2nd…Mandie is a great musician who can play with the best. Her piano playing is rock-solid and she always displays unbelievable musical instinct in performing just the perfect part. an arranger, Mandie reminds me of The Natural (for another baseball analogy). God has blessed her with brilliant perspective in her ability to combine just the right musical pieces of a puzzle, whether she is working with singers or instrumentalists.

4th….(and most important) Mandie Pinto has a HUGE HEART for CHRIST. She is a sold-out Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is gifted with the capacity to share His Love in a sincere and articulate way. Whether in concert or leading Worship, God always shines His Light through her.

Robby Robinson
Music Director for Frankie Vallie

Mandie has been put on this earth to lead people into the presence of God through her voice. I am truly blessed to have experienced her love for people and heart of worship. Always giving credit to her Creator, she motivates, encourages and builds up those around her. I am honored to call Mandie a friend.
Mark T. Williams, Composer

Evaluations from a Women’s Retreat at Forest Home Conference Center:

•Mandie was a delight. Her love for the Lord shines through her prayers, music selection and excellent singing and piano talents.
•Love Mandie
•Fabulous conference, spirit filled, great worship, great speaker.
•Highlight – Saturday AM worship in Sermon on the Mount Chapel
•Worship was awesome

Mandie’s voice is what I think the angels will sound like when I get to heaven. Her passion comes through beautifully. What a gift.
Mandie has a special knack for reaching people through her music and she makes those around her feel at ease. I have seen her deal with a variety of people and know she treats everyone with respect. Of great importance to me, she also “walks the talk”.
Ed Arnold
News Anchor/Managing Editor
Announcer for “The Hour of Power”.

The entire time as Mandie worshiped and used her astonishing, remarkable and marvelous gift of music I wanted to weep LOUDLY – she ushered the presence of God into our midst – our time together in that studio was so anointed and powerful!
I was so blessed to have experienced her truly beautiful voice, passionate praise and adorable personality – the songs she wrote are outstanding – I pray your messages and your love for God will be heard throughout the world
Carol Hart
Co-Founder of Zoe International

I have known Mandie since she was a young teenager. From day one, her talent was obvious, and her enthusiasm was so great, it nearly outshined her talent. Her heart for the Lord and her voice for music stand out amongst all of the young talent with which I’ve ever had the priviledge to work.
Mark Vogel
Music Director

Mandie is a communicator, a powerful one. I have seen most of
her communication thru music and song. But she also communicates
powerfully thru the spoken word and thru her ministry to others. And
her definition of “others” seems to be unlimited. That is, her world
is wide and in it all are equal.
Randy Smith
Attorney at Law

I have never met anyone quite like Mandie. Her gifts are phenomenal, but the knowledge that flows behind them is equally impressive. She is always my first recommendation when someone is needed with a quick ear. She can pick out parts, make up parts, read parts, play parts, and worship all at the same time. It’s an overflow of who she is by nature. The talent never ends, and the Holy Spirit takes it to another level. Her heart matches her talent. The result is always a beautiful worship experience.

Susanne Walden
Director of Worship
Shepherd of the Hills Church