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With her newest book, Spa for the Soul — Rejuvenate Your Inner Life, author and international conference speaker Lucinda Secrest McDowell encourages women to live transformed lives in God’s grace and hope.

Cindy has written five additional books including Amazed by Grace, What We’ve Learned So Far, Quilts from Heaven and A Southern-Style Christmas. She is also a contributing author to 20 other books and has published in more than 50 magazines, earning Mt. Herman’s “Writer of the Year” award.

Cindy holds degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Furman University, and also studied at the Wheaton Graduate School of Communication. A storyteller at heart, she brings wit, wisdom and the “Wow” factor to any event. She is particularly energized by interacting with people and helping bring God’s faithfulness alive through innovative presentations.

Cindy is always writing new series and presentations and would love to work with you on developing the special theme for your event. She is privileged to have a variety of life experiences such as radio producer and broadcaster, editorial and communications staff for both “Thailand ’80” and “Amsterdam ’83” international conferences; and missions, pastoral care, and women’s ministry staff at large churches in both California and Connecticut. A Southerner by birth, she currently enjoys being a wife and mother of four in New England. In addition to a good massage and soul nurturing, a few of Cindy’s favorite things are tea parties, letters on fine stationery, cozy quilts, good books, country music, bright colors and laughing friends.

Conference Series Sampler

“Spa for Your Soul” Today’s woman needs renewal for her body but also for her soul.
Come Apart Awhile (Refreshed)
Deep Cleansing (Restored, Ps. 51)
Extreme Makeover (Transformed, Rom. 12)
Fashioned By God (Equipped, Col. 3)

“Kingdom Living!” If women of God are truly daughters of a King, then why don’t we live that way? Get in touch with your ‘inner princess’ and learn how to play a part in the grandest Story of all — your life!
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall (who we are in Christ)
Ugly Stepsisters (facing life’s challenges with courage)
Further Up and Further In (making a difference in the Kingdom)

“God’s Light — Beacon of HOPE” For those seeking true security during uncertain times.
Anchor for My Soul (God’s Purpose)
Keeper Of The Light (God’s Provision)
Weathering Storms (God’s Presence)
A Future and A Hope (God’s Promises)

“Patchwork of Possibilities” or “Quilted In Love” For those longing to know they are loved by One who is creating a perfect pattern of their lives.
A Life in Pieces
Master Designer
Living Your Legacy

“Writing and Speaking for Changed Lives” Turn your vision into a reality.
Knowing Your Audience & Knowing Your Message
Building Blocks for Communication
Writing to Encourage
Speaking Truth that Transforms
Marketplace and Ministry

“Focused Living in a World of Distractions” — How do we live IN the world and yet not be consumed BY worldly ways? Join us for an innovative examination of how to juggle life’s challenges with biblical integrity and practical survival skills.

“SPA Night — Spiritual Personal Assessment” — A fun and faith-filled look at how God wants to change us from the inside out.

“Grace Changes Everything!” — If we take hold of God’s amazing grace — the gift we don’t deserve and can never earn — we will never be the same again!

“Your Life as a Kingdom Story” — Each of us has a strategic role to play in God’s Kingdom. Learn how through Story, Struggle and Significance.

“Women of Wisdom” — Growing older with grace & gratitude.

“It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Life!” — Changing from within by focusing on 7 important lessons of what matters most in life.

“Go For It, Girlfriend!” — Pursuing your dreams while facing your realities. Ideas for reinventing yourself with a fresh start.

“5 Mercy Gifts for a Friend in Pain” — Offering practical and biblical ways of reaching out with love and hope to the suffering.

“God’s Christmas Presence” — In the midst of the holidays, we can all experience God’s greatest gift as we reflect, receive and respond.

“Celebrate Your Life!” — Join the “party” as we discover how to celebrate Seasons of life, Relationships, and the promise of New Beginnings..

“God’s Light — A Beacon of Hope” — Lighthouses provide a fitting metaphor for the hope we find to weather storms and shine brightly.

“Tea with Friends” — Each teacup in my collection is unique and so are my friends. Learn how to treasure both.

“Parenting the Special Needs Child” — Practical encouragement from my own experiences of raising a son born with mental retardation.

“Something Beautiful from the Scraps of Life” — Using quilt patterns, I weave stories of the women who created them as well as the Master Quilter who wants to do the same with our fragmented lives.

“’Stressed’ Is Only ‘Desserts’ ….Spelled Backwards!” — Life can be truly sweet when we learn to control stress (instead of letting it control us.)

“Sunshine & Shadow” — Life is full of ups and downs and no one knew that better than the wisest man who ever lived — King Solomon. Here are some exciting lessons from his life.

“Breaking the Performance Trap” — Experience God’s unconditional love for who we are rather than what we do.

“When Mama Ain’t Happy, …..Ain’t Nobody Happy!” — Since moms set the tone of the home, we need to gain God-confidence and discover fresh JOY that becomes contagious to all around us..

“Love Means Never Having To Say “I’m Perfect” — We’ve all been disappointed in love, causing us to ‘try harder’. But God loves us unconditionally! You can embrace that special Love that never ends.


“Cindy brought a series of messages to our 1000 women that fleshed out our theme in a powerful way. In our evaluation forms, attendees repeatedly shared that their greatest blessing was Cindy and her messages. She endeared herself to the women with her openness and availability.”
Evangelical Covenant Women Triennial Convention

“Your friendly, outgoing manner touched us all. I loved the way you brought personal illustrations, humor, and scripture to back up all that you had to share with us concerning the things of the Lord. We would heartily endorse you as a speaker for any women’s group large or small. Your teaching is sound, clear, and does not compromise the Gospel.”
Fourth Presbyterian Church, Washington DC