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Location: Georgia
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Lisa Winters is probably best known as one of the former “Doublemint Twins”. She and her sister, Linda Ryan Puffer, did a series of six commercials, which aired over a period of ten years from 1985 to 1995. Lisa currently appears in the five film series “The Sugar Creek Gang” and continues her career in TV commercials. Though that is initially what makes her seem so familiar to some, it is her love of God paired with her honest and informal speaking style that draws audiences in and allows those listening to feel as if they know her.

Through her personal testimony and biblical teaching, she shares key principals on trusting God with hopes and dreams related to marriage, career, ministry and family. Her passion is to encourage women to realize the fullness of healing and freedom of life in Christ.

Lisa lives in the Atlanta area with her husband of nineteen years, Michael, and their children, Marlee, Mason and Collin. She is an active member of her church, Mount Paran North, serving in many ministries including Creative Team, acting, dance, writing, and teaching women’s Bible studies. She is a co-leader of a Media Fellowship International cell group.

As a writer and speaker for Shine Media, Lisa became enthusiastic about having a platform that allows her to share her love of Christ and to teach life-application principles from God’s Word. She also has a feature page in Dr. Katie Brazelton’s new book entitled Praying for Purpose: 6o Influential Christian Women Share How Their Lives Have Changed, released in the spring of 2005.


“With insight and honesty Lisa shares God’s unconditional love and unique purpose for every woman. Her heart-to-heart style is filled with compassion and encouragement. Her message speaks to any woman who has asked “What does God want for me?””
Udella Walker
Director Women’s Ministries

“Lisa is a gift from the Lord to the twenty-first century woman! With both strength and Godly submission, she weaves a tapestry of words, wrapping sound theology around candid personal testimony. Lisa’s teaching will entertain and inspire you toward a better version of yourself.”
Nanette Jones