Laurie McIntyre

mcintyrelaurieFee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Wisconsin
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Motivating and inspiring women of all ages, Laurie McIntyre will make you laugh and cry as she takes you on a journey of a lifetime. Combining her passion for women and sound knowledge of God’s Word, she effectively communicates God’s truth and it’s practical application in everyday life. Laurie’s unique blend of humor, and storytelling have brought hope and healing to hearts around the world.

Since 1990, Laurie has served as Pastor of the Elmbrook Women’s Ministries, a dynamic ministry drawing over 1,200 women weekly. Laurie has co-authored Designing Effective Women’s Ministries with Jill Briscoe and is a contributing author of Mothers Have Angel Wings by Carol Kent. She is a graduate of Biola University and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Laurie and her husband, Bob, reside in Brookfield with their two daughters, Anna and Makayla and huge dog, Tucker.