Laurra Fitzgerald

fitzgeraldlaurraFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: Colorado
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Laurra’s soulful voice draws the listener right into the heart of her music. Her songs are a reflection of God’s healing power in her life, and the joy she has experienced in embracing the restoration of her Heavenly Father. This is a joy she desires to share with anyone who would listen.

Laurra has spent over 12 years involved in worship performance. She served for 9 years at Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado and went on to lead worhsip at Little Log Community Church in Palmer Lake, CO for a year and a half. She is currently involved in the worship arts ministry at the Gathering in Colorado Springs and Fellowship of the Rockies, also in Colorado Springs.

She has been involved in worship performance for ministries such as Focus on the Family and Christian Camping International. Her music has been used by Bethany Christian Services and she has performed in the National Cathedral for the Congression Coalition on Adoption Institute with Stephen Curtis Chapman.

Laurra’s message as a speaker is a joy filled journey from abandonment and abuse to God’s healing and restoration in a broken life. She talks about the Lord taking the ashes of her life and turning them into a pearl of great price. God has created a beauty of healing in restoring her relationship with a mother who cast her aside, bringing her to a loving marriage, guiding her through parenting – including two adopted Russian girls, the loss and restoration of her voice and the gift of writing music and leading worship. She offers practical suggestions for moving beyond pain into restoration, healing, forgiveness, and blessing. Her desire is to help others, (especially women) go through a process of self examination through Biblical examples of God’s healing and restoration and the use of storytelling and music in order to help them discover the full extent of God’s desire to love them and bless them in spite of, and through their sufferings. Laurra artfully weaves her music into the message in orer to draw in the heart of the listener.

She has performed, lead worship, participated in worship education and spoken at women’s retreats and events over 12 years span of her ministry.

Laurra is the wife of Jim and has been married for over 25 years. She has 5 children ranging in ages from 16 to 23.

Her Debut CD, You’re Not an Orphan takes the listener on a journey of healing from songs that praise, hymns, to songs of restoration and love. She has written devotional journal for Women called Help My Unbelief, and is due to release a second CD, Dance on the Feet of the Father, mid to late summer 2006.


“I received outstanding comments about the Praise and Worship. Everyone enjoyed the music and felt that they had been ushered into the presence of the Lord. As the planner of the conference, because I have so many details on my mind, I am rarely able to sit and enjoy Praise and Worship. However, this conference was different. I attribute that to Laurra and the team.”
Barbara Siebert, Physician’s Conference – Focus on the Family

“It’s sometimes tough to sit in a small room with a bunch of young adults and hold their interest for two hours, but Laurra managed to pull it off. I noticed that most of them were taking more notes than usual and appeared to be very engaged in what she had to say. They also thoroughly enjoyed her time of worship and the way she worked music into the body of her teaching.”
Larry Mone Associate Director
Quaker Ridge Camp and Conference Center

“Laurra takes her calling very seriously. She is highly committed, focused and very well prepared. Everything about her leadership is proficient, yet permeates with a heart intent on bringing glory to God. Laurra does a beautiful job of engaging the audience, drawing them into worship. She has a great balance between testimony and music.”
Dwan Kruger, Director of Women’s Ministries
Woodmen Valley Chapel

“Laurra’s ministry in music and the spoken word fulfills God’s design for her life. Jesus walked beside her during a tough period in her life. Her life experiences provide her with knowledge and experience to reach out to others.”
Carolyn Mackety, Director of Congregational Life
Cragmor Christian Reformed Church

“I have been acquainted with Laurra for more than a year now and I have never been disappointed with her as a friend or as a worship leader. She has helped plan and lead worship multiple times for our church body and each time I am not only led to worship but blessed by her sensitivity and heart for worship. She has had the opportunity to share her own work and we have never been disappointed.”
Chris Taylor
Pastor, Little Log Community Church