Kendra Smiley

smileykendraFee Range: $1000-2000, $2000+
Location: Illinois
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Women’s Retreats. Church Events. Educator Training. Leadership Conferences. Sales Teams. New Parents. Parents of Teenagers. Agricultural Groups. Government Agencies. These are just a few of the diverse groups that find Kendra’s messages challenging and inspiring. Connecting with people – nobody does it better than Kendra. By drawing from years of experience as an educator and coach in public schools, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and an active member in her church and community, Kendra has obtained the glue to connect with people. Teaching people to make the next right choice – that’s Kendra at her best.

Animated. Encouraging. Inspiring. Biblical. Teaching. Five powerful words that describe Kendra connecting with her audience.

Kendra Smiley speaks to audiences from 5, to 500, or even 5,000. She speaks in Christian and secular settings. Her speaking engagements have taken her around the United States and to international venues.

Topics include:

Being the B.E.S.T. You Can Be
Good Communication: It’s More Than Just Talk
Empowering Choices
Helping Your Kids Make Good Choices
Recipe for a Positive Attitude
Journey of a Strong-Willed Child
Be the Parent – 7 Choices to Raise Great Kids
Unpacking from a Guilt Trip
Understanding Your Temperament or Why is Everyone Else so Strange
Give Your Heart a Good Spring Cleaning