Kari Glemaker

glemakerkariFee Range: $500 or under, $500-1000
Location: Ohio
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Kari Glemaker’s enthusiasm for life, for family, and for Jesus is contagious! She has a sense of knowing and understanding the needs of young families and strongly desires to encourage and nurture women. Kare is a teacher by nature and she shares honestly what God has taught her through her children, her peers, and her past.

Training and equipping women to be leaders is another of Kari’s passions. She has held various leadership positions with MOPS International, Inc. for over 10 tears. She also serves as Director of Kids Ministries at Hope Church.

Kari and her husband, Dave, live with their three children in a suburb of Cincinnati. She is an avid sports fan, loves to read and scrapbook and can be found weekly attending a kickboxing class!


“Kari has all the components of a great speaker. She has enthusiasm, humor, relatable content, voice fluctuation and eye contact. Best of all, she’s someone the audience can identify with.”
Linda Prince.

“Kari is an excellent speaker and is full of excitement and energy when she speaks and includes humor. It is just a lot of fun to hear her speak!”
Rachel Hohman

Topics include:

Raising a Spirited Child in the Real World
Can Mom’s Have Fun?
Top Ten Issues of a Preschool Mom
Once a Month Cooking