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Judy Anderson is an active and popular speaker, teaches numerous Christian Ladies classes, is chair of “Lord’s Ladies” at her church, and takes part in musical groups. A graduate of Kansas State University, she wastrained in Music Education and taught Vocal Music in the public schools;for the last 18+ years however, she enjoyed a successful Residential Real Estate career. Several years ago, she was impressed to “tell her own story”hoping to help others achieve freedom in the Lord by allowing Him to release them from a personal bondage just as He did for her.

She says, that for years, “We went to Church, AND, we “did” Church. But, we truly had not “given our hearts” to Christ. He was NOT the ABSOLUTE LORD OF OUR LIVES!! We knew ABOUT Him, but we really did NOT KNOW HIM!! I was in my forties when I finally woke up and believed in my heart–NOT just my head!! GOD doesn’t MAKE us MAKE BAD, far reaching decision, BUT, HE ALLOWS IT!! GOD gives us all a FREEWILL. Travel with me as I share my story, my valleys and my mountaintop experiences. Discover how you, too, can “start again.” Prepare to be regenerated…inspired…and invigorated to take hold of the fact that as long as you are alive…IT’S NEVER TOO LATE”!!

“To inspire, teach, and instruct women of all ages (no matter where they are in life regarding their beliefs) that Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! And, to present this fact in a manner and medium that will provide a contagious fervor to all who hear it!”


“It is rare to have the privilege of recommending someone so talented in sharing God’s Word as Judy Anderson.

Judy is a graduate of CLASS (Christian Authors and Speakers) and has been involved in numerous conferences of the American Christian Writers and Speakers Association.

Judy has a demeanor to put the “unchurched” or visitors at ease while in no way compromising His Word. She is also sensitive to those who may need a “boost” or perhaps a “fire rekindled” and offers a fresh style in her presentations.

The women who have attended her seminars have gleaned much beneficial information as well as “tips” and ideas on a variety of subjects which they can “take with them” and put to use!

Judy is married to Daryl, a mortgage loan officer, who was also a flight controller for the “Man on the Moon” Apollo Missions in Houston, Texas, during the 1960’s and 70’s. They have 4 living children, and 6 grandchildren and reside in Wichita, Kansas.

Topics include:

Note: Each topic is an approximate 30-40 minute session, or can be easily expanded to be applicable for a weekend retreat.

“MY STORY” (always giving thanks in and for everything)!
Based on the fact that God IS the God of second (and even more) chances and only HE can change lives EVEN when tragedy steps in! This deals with the teaching in I Thess. 5:18.

Are we, like Martha, too preoccupied, too distracted…to busy “serving” to sit at the Savior’s feet? Nothing on anyone’s agend is MORE important than that!! In fact, the hectic pace of modern life only ELEVATES the importance of active, deliberate, and purposeful daily worship of the Lord Jesus, the Christ.

What a far-reaching subject! But a most important and timely one! Deals with “The Hardest People to Forgive” to the simply act of “Forgiveness. Learn how to cultivate the ability for “FORGIVE” the wounds, offenses, grudges that can plague our lives! Outlines the STEPS TO FORGIVING OTHERS (whether they’ve asked for forgiveness or not). An AWESOME study!

Have you had anxiety over a child this week, have you started a diet (or several of them) only to gain weight, do you wish you had more self-discipline, are you struggling with a relationship which you desire to improve, is the weight listed on your driver’s license your “hoped” for weight…or your “current” weight? And, I know a “secret”…the way to “fix” these problems!!

Someone once said “Prayerlessness in the life of a believer…IS SIN.” Does your prayer life need to change? Is prayer a choice in your life? an OPTION? Or a MUST? Are you WEAK…INSECURE…EASILY ANGERED…JEALOUS…SELFISH…LAZY? If any of these apply, try an APPOINTMENT with God! (an overview of the book of same title by Becky Tirabassi)

Due to the breakdown of the family, marriage problems, children having to live in a society of moral decay, and the impact these are having within our churches, the author felt the need to help teach women the Biblical principle of Titue II (older women teaching younger women God’s guidance for their homes. (An overview of the study by Marjorie Morgridge Weniger).


“Judy offers a potpourri of topics for women of all ages which are pertinent to the challenges and tasks of today’s life. She is not only an excellent teacher, but also an accomplished musician. I have heard her play the piano at several different events and every time, her musical gift has blessed me in a special way.”

Joe Wright
Senior Pastor
Central Christian Church
Wichita, Kansas