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An ordained minister, Integrity Music worship artist, music publisher, producer and seasoned songwriter, John has used his broad musical talents with great diversity for over 20 years to develop a unique catalog of work for Star Song Communications, Integrity Music and for Firm Foundation Worship Ministries. Widely known for his songs recorded by Christian artists Ron Kenoly, Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, The Gaither Vocal Band, Truth, First Call, The Cathedrals and many of Integrity’s Hosanna! Music recordings, John has been a long-time music industry professional in publishing, A&R, writer and producer roles for over 200 projects.

A vocal music major at the University of Memphis, a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and holding a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies at The University of South Alabama, John has served in six local churches since 1980.

While serving as Vice-President of Publishing and Worship Resources for Star Song Communications in Nashville, John worked with industry leaders Stan Moser, Darrell Harris, and Jeff Moseley, as well as Bill & Gloria Gaither, Twila Paris and many others.

His work as Director of Song Publishing for Integrity Music in Mobile, Alabama, engaged him as concept A&R director and song development director for over 25 Hosanna! Music recordings, 26 Scripture Memory recordings, 25 children’s music recordings, the full roster of Integrity artists and many compilation recordings. At Integrity Music John also managed 18 songwriters and a staff of ten employees in the Song Development and Copyright Management departments.

A popular clinician in the area of worship for many years, John has appeared in every major denominational church setting and many non-denominational venues such as Music California, Music Minnesota, Music Florida, Music Texas, Music Colorado, The Florida Southern Baptist Convention, The Alabama Southern Baptist Convention, The Missouri Southern Baptist Convention, The Gospel Music Association’s Academy of the Christian Music Arts, Christian Artists Seminar in the Rockies and many more. John is currently on tour with Integrity’s Seminars4Worship and is a core instructor for Integrity’s Worship Institute at The University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama, and at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

John has had nearly 400 songs published in his career and he has co-written and produced eight children’s and youth musicals in conjunction with Word Music, Integrity Music, and Lifeway Christian Resources. His compositions are in print with every major choral music company including Integrity Music, Word Music, Lillenas Music, Lifeway Christian Resources, and Allegis Music. He has released eight worship recordings distributed through Warner Brothers, Pamplin Music, Integrity Music, and Firm Foundation Worship Ministries.

John continues his involvement at the local church level, and seeks to fulfill his trans-local call to “further wholeness and worship renewal in the Body of Christ” as president of Firm Foundation Worship Ministries and he leads many worship concerts and events throughout each year.

John has been married to Donna for 26 years, and they have a lovely daughter, Aly.

John Chisum and Worship4Life! Topics

John offers a variety of seminar topics that are theologically sound and appropriate to every church, regardless of denominational affiliation. While most topics deal with the foundations of worship and with developing the lifestyle of worship, he also speaks into the more technical areas of blending worship, developing praise teams and musicians, and on how to create a worship choir. Recommendations from Music Ministers and churches John has worked with in the past are available upon request.

W4L Weekend Sessions Outline
This is the general outline for a weekend with John. The weekend is designed to be a congregation-wide event and not just for musicians, choir, and praise team personnel. John’s heart is to strengthen worship at the personal and corporate level by presenting relevant material that enables every believer to enter more fully into a lifestyle of worship through his testimony, anecdote, and Biblical principles.

15 minutes of p/w
45 minutes of teaching/speaking
15 minutes of personal interaction/application

SESSION ONE – The Wonder of Worship
Many believers have lost the wonder of worship and some have never had it to begin with. In this session, believers are challenged by the Word and personal anecdote to reconnect with the spiritual wonder in worship that every Christian needs to be effective and fulfilled. A Biblical foundation of forgiveness, continued grace, and the purpose of a personal worship life are emphasized. Personal interaction/applications may include a time of “returning to our first love” in an alter call or time of personal reflection.

SESSION TWO – The Word on Worship
Many believers are confused about the differences between corporate worship and private worship. This session examines the purposes of corporate worship and encourages believers to practice private worship. Personal interaction/applications may include a simple inventory of personal habits in worship and /or attitudes about corporate worship life.

SESSION THREE – The War for Worship
It is easy to forget that worship is a spiritual battleground. Worship is one of the primary tools for defeating the enemy in our lives and is all-too-often overlooked by believers. This session will emphasize the power of worship and attempt to debunk the style wars so prevalent in the local church today. Personal interactions/applications may include small group prayer and body ministry.

SESSION FOUR – The Winds of Worship
Developing consistency in worship may seem elusive to many believers. Confusion and dissension have crept into the church over many years and this session is a call to genuine worship individually and corporately. The winds of worship are blowing throughout the world and unity in the body of Christ is stressed. A vision for global impact through worship and prayer is also discussed. Personal interactions/applications may include a call for believers to make a fresh commitment to expanding their view of the world and of the importance of unity in the church.

Other titles available for John to teach on include:
Worship4Life: The Five Levels of Extraordinary Christian Living and Leadership
A call for extraordinary Christian living this year by the power of God! Divided into four interactive sessions, this workshop explores the dynamics of exceptional Christian living that spills naturally over in to local church leadership. The complete syllabus for this workshop will be available on his website soon!

Praise Team PLUS! 12 Keys to Building and Empowering Extraordinary Worship Leadership
In this exciting workshop, John explores the principles of transformational worship leadership for everyone involved in local church ministry – sound techs, a/v techs, drama, dance, musicians, choir members, praise team singers, prayer warriors, and pastors! The purpose of this series is to offer practical and theological tools for empowering a team of lead worshipers who model and communicate powerful praise and worship to God and to His people. Topics include Developing a Unifying Theology of Worship, The Five-Factor Model of Worship Leadership, Team-Based Leadership, Transformational Worship and Creative Arts Ministry, and much more!

Come Expecting Jesus: The Essentials of Intimacy with God
John Chisum is known as a man who leads congregations into a deep and intimate experience of God through his gentle songs and quiet spirit. This workshop centers on the truth that God desires deep, genuine relationship with every person in His kingdom through intimate worship. John’s own testimony of healing grace is one focal point that brings encouragement and hope to anyone needing a fresh sense of God’s nearness in their lives. John’s life and ministry have been used by God for many years to encourage a deeper sense of intimacy with Him – experience it for yourself!

The Seven Unbiblical and Irrational Beliefs about Praise and Worship
Seven misconceptions about corporate praise and worship stand in our way to becoming the church we must be in these days, and they are:

* Worship only occurs on Sundays
* Someone else must lead us into worship (Jesus is the true worship leader)
* I can only worship with one STYLE of music
* God needs me to worship Him
* If I worship Him, I’ll be happy and get what I want from Him (The Genie Theology)
* My church’s style is the only valid expression of worship
* Worship is “just music”

Healing Grace: True Worship and a Lifestyle of Wholeness
One of John’s favorite topics addresses the correlation between genuine worship and emotional wellness. John uses his own recovery from addictions as a teenager as a backdrop for discovering wholeness in Christ through Scriptural worship and other spiritual disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, community, and Christ-centered counseling.

Writing for Worship – Help for the Congregational Songwriter
With over 400 songs published and an extensive career in the Christian music business as a publisher, producer, and record label executive, John is available to speak on encouraging songwriters to write for their local congregations. This workshop includes all the necessary ingredients to get any writer started down the road in writing effective praise and worship songs, creating demos, and understanding the intricacies of music publishing.


“With great joy I am happy to recommend John Chisum!”
Bill Gaither

“John Chisum is a gifted man of worship whose ministry is not only that of leading worship, but also that of raising up new leadership in worship for the generation to come.”
Dr. Robert E. Webber
The Institute for Worship Studies

“I am honored to take this opportunity to recommend to you the ministry of John Chisum. Please know that John comes with my highest recommendation as a singer, songwriter, speaker, and worship leader.”
Don Moen
Executive Vice-President
Integrity Media

“(John) has the ability to reach beyond Contemporary Christian clich├ęs to make a genuine connection with sincerity and simplicity.”
Davin Seay
Worship Leader Magazine

“John Chisum is a refreshing voice that God uses to call people around the globe to true, Biblical worship. I have witnessed his ministry through concert appearances, worship venues, and teaching since 1989. He is a God-gifted artist that paints vivid musical portraits of the Lord from his heart. His songs have enriched the body of Christ and enabled so many to express their love to their Savior. His passion for God and others is obvious and pure. I stand with numerous others who could say that knowing John Chisum has caused us to love Jesus more.”
Rev. Robert Till
Music Minister
Dallas, TX