Jerry Jacoby

jacobyjerryFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000, $2000+
Location: Michigan
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Jerry Jacoby: Kid Motivator uses laughs, music & life stories to help kids choose the path of integrity. Jerry specializes in encouraging elementary & middle school/junior high age children in honesty, respect, responsibility and forgiveness.

Jerry offers ‘Real Character Is No Accident!’ for K-6 graders (great for schools, AWANA & Pioneer Clubs, Father/Daughter banquets, Vacation Bible Schools, & retreats) & ‘Junior High: The Best Ten Years of My Life’ for 5-8 graders (great for schools, youth groups and camps).

When requested, Jerry offers children and youth the opportunity to trust Jesus as their Savior. Jerry also provides fun, audience involving concerts for families and groups of all ages which bring the message of character to the entire family and encourage discussion between parents and children.

Jerry Jacoby’s talents and proven effectiveness have a rich history. The combined experience of over 6,000 school, church and family performances, 15+ years as an educator, and 25+ years as a camp/retreat speaker has taught Jerry the heart of children. Between every outburst of laughter is a lesson never to be forgotten. When speaking at a camp or retreat, Jerry provides music, speaking and group devotionals.


“I am writing to share a few student thoughts about Spiritual Emphasis Week. Often we are not able to see what God has done through us, but it is nice when we can. These are some responses to a writing prompt from the fifth grade.

“I felt that God was sharing his love with me and his caringness. I want to be closer to Jesus and love him more. God was talking to me about love, his love for me. And now I know that whatever I do, God will always love me because I will always be Ben. And that will keep me happy, no matter what happens.

“I think God was telling me that I should pull closer to him in hard times, not pull away from Him. He will always take care of me wherever I am.

“I also think God was calling me to get more serious about following Him.

“I liked when he said that we don’t have to do rules for God to love us. He loves us when we are good and he loves us when we are bad. Last week I asked Jesus into my heart.”
Steve Schwartz
Vienna Christian School, Vienna, Austria

“I cannot say enough good about what Jerry Jacoby can do for you. I used him multiple times when I was a camp program director, and always received rave reviews. I have seen few camp speakers who go out of their way to minister in all aspects like Jerry does. Your staff will also be blessed by Jerry’s ministry, messages and humor.”
John Waldo
Past Camp Director, Covenant Hills Camp, Ortonville, MI

“I so much enjoyed your time here. As I write, I can hear a class singing “Higher”—and I am in my office! Thanks again for ministering to us. You have had true ministry here—and parents notice.”
David Willaume
Past principal of Southfield Christian School, Southfield, MI