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Location: Illinois
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Jeanine Murk is a gifted vocalist, and insightful speaker, who communicates a contagious joy. Her “Victim to Victor” testimony encourages listeners to conquer their difficult circumstances through a deeper intimacy with God. Wounded hearts are healed, faith is fortified, and the body of Christ experiences renewed hope.

Jeanine received her Bible training at Moody Bible Institute. In addition to being a recording artist and public speaker, she has been in full-time ministry with her husband (and two daughters) for over two decades. Together, they travel throughout United States and overseas, sharing in music and testimony.

In addition to being a full-time singer/speaker Jeanine is also a wife, and mother of two grown daughters. She has recently released “Living Your Faith” teaching series and has just completed her first book entitled Legacy: A Guided Family Heritage Prayer Journal.

Jeanine shares how God has used various difficulties in her life to begin the process of conforming her to His image. And her life is truly an example of triumph over trials. She firmly believes there need not be any victims in the family of God, because Christ came to make us more than victorious.

Jeanine is a sought-after speaker who shares throughout the country to a variety of groups.

Topics include:

Leaving a Legacy
Blessings in Brokenness
Overcoming Offenses
Victim to Victor
The Joyful Journey
Power in Praise
Living by Faith vs. Feelings
and Making Memories.

As an experienced speaker, she can either suggest a format for your retreat, or tailor her message to fit whatever theme you have planned!


“Warm, sensitive, spontaneous and transparent are the words that come to mind when I hear Jeanine minister. She sings beautifully and expressively and is a fine communicator. She is a great artist who relates to her audiences in a remarkable way.”
John Wilson, former Executive Editor
Hope Publishing

“This is the most powerful women’s retreat we’ve ever had. Jeanine was able to intertwine relevant and deep truths from God’s Word with spellbinding and entertaining true-life stories. We’ve had numerous reports already of changed lives, miraculous healings, restored relationships, and incredible rejuvenation of spiritual lives.”
Melodie Leake
Pastor’s Wife and Women’s Ministry Coordinator
Allison Park Church

“It has been my privilege to know Jeanine and her family for the past twenty years. During the years I hosted Prime Time America on the Moody Broadcasting network I was always thrilled when I had the opportunity to host Jeanine and her talented family on the show, knowing it would be a time of anointed music and testimony.

I had the distinct privilege of being the first person to interview her on live radio just days after her husband and daughter were in a nearly fatal head-on collision with a semi truck. With the heart monitor beeping in the background, she shared with me the severity of the accident and how it was the power of prayer that was getting her through. I am proud to recommend Jeanine in any capacity and know you and your people will be blessed and impacted by her ministry.” Jim Warren
Former Host, Moody Radio

“It has been my privilege to know Jeanie Murk for the last several years. She has ministered at our church on several occasions and been a blessing to the entire church body. I have found her to be scripturally sound and relevant to today’s generation. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for ministry at your church or event.”
Pastor Rich Valkanet
Living Water’s Assembly of God

“There are no words to adequately describe how I feel about Jeanine’s ministry. I can say, incredible, fantastic, spirit-filled, and somehow NONE of those words adequately or even comes close to how her ministry moved me. They moved me beyond words. Jeanine’s speaking got to me….the tears just came rolling down, and I just let ’em go. Jeanine is the most incredibly talented, blessed, spirit-filled, spirit-led, awesome, superific performer/minister I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, of witnessing, of performing, of just plain being ministered to by. And let me tell you, I’ve been to ALL kinds of concerts and I’ve pretty much seen all the greats….Ray Boltz, Petra, 4-Him, Steve Green, Bill Gaither and his vocal band….just to name a few of the premiere Christian groups/singers etc. What a blessing and privilege it is to see this sister in Christ do her thing. Just simply beyond words.”
Felicia Oltmanns
Retreat Attendee

“We had Jeanine speak at our 2004 annual conference in Rudyard Michigan and words can’t begin to describe the impact she had on the women. Not only was she professional, uplifting and inspiring, but she reminded us that miracles happen – what a testimony for the Lord!

These are just a few of the comments we received from the conference attendees:

“Jeanine challenged me to love Jesus more.”

“Jeanine had a wonderful message & way of presenting her family’s story”
Judy Vandermate
Conference Coordinator, Women Today, Inc.

“Jeanine’s warmth and sensitivity are disarming. While speaking truth, her vulnerability and lack of condemnation nurture hope and profound life changes.”
Karen Nygaard
Pastor’s Wife, Messiah Lutheran Church
M.O.P.S. and Women’s Ministry Coordinator