Janie Walters

waltersjanieFee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Mississippi
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Every speech Janie Walters delivers is a wonderful blend of “fall-out-of-your-chair” laughter and “fall-on-your-knees” reverence. Janie is the founder of Champion Communications and a much sought after speaker for Christian and secular conferences, seminars, banquets, and retreats.

She began her Christian walk at the First Baptist Church of Ellisville, Mississippi, at 8 years of age and continues to serve her Lord today in all areas of Christian work, including speaking at Christian events, leading Bible studies, teaching Sunday School, singing, and directing Christian dramas.

Janie taught Public Speaking, Theatre, Debate, Interpersonal Communications, and Leadership courses for 29 years at the high school and college levels. She holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers 2000.

In 1984, God gave Janie a clear call to begin speaking publicly for Him. Before that time, Janie had spoken for no one outside of her church. Since that time, Janie has traveled to more than 30 states speaking in more than 600 national, state, and local conferences.

Her theme is JOY – delivered 99 different ways, i.e. joy in the hurricanes of life, joy in trusting and believing God, joy in obedience, joy in studying God’s Word, joy in caring for God’s family, joy in……you get the picture? Whatever the topic, you leave filled with joy, knowing that if you run out of joy, it’s not the fault of your circumstances, it is yours!

Janie is married to Dickie Walters. Their wedding invitation said, “Come Have Fun With Dick And Jane!” That invitation is extended to you. Invite her to speak for you, and guarantee your audience a potentially life-changing evening filled with fun in the Lord!

1) Laughing in the Shadows – Resting in the Shade: This talks about walking daily in the joy of the Lord, regardless of what is going on around us. It encourages us to laugh and exercise our faith in choosing to believe God is in control. It encourages us in times of trouble to stay in the Word and focused on Jesus.

2) The Garbage Truck Comes On Tuesdays and Fridays: This topic gives six Bible solutions that teach how to remain positive in the midst of negatives. Christians are human beings, too. Commanded to be witnesses to the world, this presentation helps us laugh our way through wonderfully practical suggestions for mastering our own feelings so we can model Christ.

3) Blow A Bubble Not A Gasket!: Experts agree that somewhere between 75nd 90f all doctor’s office visits are stress related. Those percentages include Christian people, too. In a light and humorous way, this presentation gives the Bible’s suggestions for stress management.

4) And Jesus Went About Doing Good: This is a teaching that encourages Christians not to be so caught up in their own little worlds that we forget to follow in the Master’s steps…to go about doing good for other people. Though often funny, it gives multiple examples of how we can make new members in our church feel like “family” and new families in the neighborhood feel welcomed. It encourages women to be Jesus’ hands, feet, and voice to a hurting world, all with little expense, and sometimes never leaving home.

5) Lift Up the Praise – Pull Down The Power: This is a teaching that examines praise and worship, revealing hidden meanings in the Hebrew and Greek words. It explains the lifting of hands in praise and suggests positive ways to embrace the often divisive changes that are taking place in our church-wide praise and worship music. This presentation challenges us to examine our hearts and our total commitment to a God who is worthy of our highest praise and worship.

6) Thank You Lois and Eunice!: This is a humorous look at being a girl. It includes the different ages and stages of life and challenges us to be sure to pass our knowledge and love for the Lord down to the next generation, like Timothy’s grandmother Lois did for his mother Eunice. (Good for all women – appropriate for Mother / Daughter Banquets)