Jan Coates

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Location: Texas
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At five feet, two inches, Jan Coates delivers a message like she’s eight feet tall. A been-there-done-that kind of gal, Jan connects with audiences from all walks of life with love, laughter and from-the-heart transforming messages.

With more than 25 years proven platform experience, Jan’s exceptional presentation skills make her encouraging messages the inspired choice for conferences, retreats, special events, and seminars.

Jan’s life could be a made-for-TV movie:

• Raised by a mentally ill, bag-lady mom.
• Endured a childhood filled with unthinkable abuse.
• Divorced and a mom at 19.
• Buried her only biological child due to a drunk driver.
• Battled depression.
• Overcame life-threatening cancer.

After all that, you’d think she would have nothing to give . . . no hope to share, but Jan is just the opposite.

God mended Jan and then transformed her pain into positive passion so she could pour out His love to others.

Through the power of Jesus Christ, Jan Coates has helped tens of thousands of people experience these life-changing principles:

• Accept God’s grace and love—regardless of the past.
• Create a positive attitude to see good in all things.
• Become what God designed you to be.
• Experience a new life!

Jan is the author of several books, including Set Free and Eleven Secrets to a New Life. Her articles are published by Crosswalk.com, CBN.com, War Cry, and more.

God uses Jan as a Difference-Maker within His Kingdom to help others experience a new perspective filled with positive change from the inside out.

Popular Topics:

• Secrets to a New Life
• Come as You Are . . . Leave with a New Beginning
• Hearts Set Free
• Love What You Do
• Women by Design


“Jan’s candid style, relevant teaching, and transparent testimony proved to be a powerful combination. Jan is more than a gifted speaker—she’s a rare find and the real deal.”
–Jess Liles, Women’s Ministry Leader, Springcreek Church, Garland, Texas

“Through Jan, I felt the love of Jesus. She’s honest, energetic and loving.”
–Amy Willis, BreakFree, Searcy, Arkansas

“Jan’s presentation was a blessing. She reminded us that our work matters, and that God is still in control.”
–Major A. Faith Cameron, The Salvation Army, Guelph, Ontario

“Jan is a willing vessel, sharing God’s message with all.”
–Michael H. Schneider, Grand Island, NY

Laughter, truth, transformation, spiritual growth . . .
What more could you ask for?