Gracie Malone

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Location: Texas
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Gracie is an author and much-loved inspirational speaker. She speaks in her own unique style combining humor, heart-warming stories and thought-provoking insights. Many of her stories are about her family which includes one patient husband, three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and six amazing grandkids.

Gracie says, “I may be a grandmother but you won’t find me sitting on the porch knitting those little hot pad thingys.” She is right about that! Anyone who knows her well knows she is off her rocker and into mischief and fun.

“Living Upside Down” her latest soon-to-be-released book project is literally her life message. Other works include “Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas” co-authored with Carol Kent, “Still Making Waves” and “Off My Rocker.” She is also a co-author of the best selling “Courage for the Chicken Hearted” and “Eggstra Courage for the Chicken Hearted” and has contributed to many other books including the Women of Faith compilation, “She Who Laughs Lasts.”

Some of Gracie’s speaking topics are: “Inside and Out” (which includes her well-received message “Aroma Therapy for the Soul”) “Creating a Splash with Your Friends” “Grace to You” (a series dealing with Gracie’s favorite topic) “Mudslide and Mountaintop” (insights from the book of Habakkuk) “Because I’m a Woman, that’s Why” “Courage for Chicken Hearts” “Overcoming ‘Fowl’ Thinking” and many others.

In addition to her writing, speaking and family activities, Gracie is a Precept Bible Study Leader, and mentor to women. One pastor reported, “Through her Bible studies, Gracie literally became a mentor to women throughout our entire county. She is real, transparent, loving, biblical, and humorous—a gifted communicator.”

Topics include:

Inside and Out
Aroma Therapy for the Soul
Creating a Splash with Your Friends
Grace to You
Mudslide and Mountaintop
Because I’m a Woman, that’s Why
Courage for Chicken Hearts
Overcoming ‘Fowl’ Thinking


“Gracie is an effective Women’s conference speaker, a gifted Bible study leader, and relates well with the ladies. She entertains the audience with her humorous stories, many taken from personal situations, but her subject matter meaningfully relates to life’s situations and is always founded on Biblical truths.”
Carol Lawson, Women’s Ministries Director
Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Greenville, Texas

“Gracie led the seminars at several of our ladies’ retreats, gave her testimony at an evangelistic dinner, and taught a women’s Bible study in our church. Through her Bible studies she literally became a mentor to women throughout our entire county. Gracie is real. She is transparent. She is loving. She is biblical. And she is a gifted communicator. I trust her completely. The women of our church grew stronger in their faith and in their ministries because of her teaching ministry. In addition, Gracie is an ongoing source of encouragement both to me and my wife. We will have her back as often as we can.”
Dr. Kelly F. Carr, Pastor
Wellspring Church, Chandler, Arizona

“Through her life experiences, genuine concern for others, wonderful sense of humor, and love for God’s Word, Gracie effectively communicates the knowledge and life application of Bible truths. Anyone who has experienced her teaching leaves feeling refreshed, inspired, and blessed by the Lord!”
Brenda Vowell, Director, Women’s Ministry
First Baptist Church, Grapevine, Texas