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Location: Arizona
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An award-winning professional speaker and past-president of the National Speakers Association, she has received the highest awards given to professional speakers, Glenna Salsbury has appeared on “Good Morning America,” is a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and authored her own best-seller, The Art of the Fresh Start. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and holds a Masters Degree from UCLA and a Masters from Fuller Seminary.

Throughout her adult life, Glenna has been actively involved in Christian ministry. She hosted her own national cable television show, “Let’s Study the Bible” for more than five years. She also hosted a radio talk show, “A Visit With Glenna,” and wrote a column which targeted the teenage

Glenna’s personal mission statement is, “to ignite the spark of faith and love in the lives of all who know her, family first”. Known for her spontaneity, humor and high-energy, Glenna is described as one of those rare speakers who can “challenge your mind while tugging at your heart.” Currently, she provides Christian leadership and development programs, Bible Study retreats, and Christian conference programming nationally and internationally. Her messages are designed to ignite your own passion for Christ and for His Word.

Glenna Salsbury is an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind communicator! With spontaneity, high energy and audience involvement, she skillfully weaves biblical truth with practical, life-changing application. She is educated, articulate and relational. Her public speaking skills are instantly obvious, but her passionate heart for God and the “take home value” of her messages are what audiences remember.

Topics include:

Miracles, Mysteries and More!
The Joy Filled Life
His Hidden Treasures
Finding Christ in the Midst of Chaos
Faith, Hope and Love
Living Life on High Ground
Five Famous Faith Walkers
(Glenna will create a customized program to fit your theme.)


“What an honor and delight it is to recommend my dear sister in Christ, Glenna Salsbury! She will delight the women of your church with her genuine faith in Christ, her deep knowledge of the Scriptures, her incredible gift of communication, and her joyful message of grace. She has been very successful in the business world and knows how to uniquely reach hearts in every walk of life!”
Liz Curtis Higgs
Retreat Speaker and Author of Bad Girls of the Bible

“At Sandy Cove we are privileged to host many of “the best of the best” speakers from around the country. I love Glenna! Her teaching has been used by the Lord in my own life to reveal God’s truth in a profound way. I highly recommend her!”
Candace Davison
Women’s Ministries Coordinator for Sandy Cove Ministries, North East, MD

“What can I say – Glenna is absolutely awesome! Is Glenna entertaining? Yes! Is she practical? You bet. But Glenna also gives the ladies meat, not fluff. And, I appreciate Glenna’s ability to hone in on people. She has the wonderful ability to recall information about the people she meets and the Lord uses that gift to let the ladies know she really does care and is interested in them. I have met no one who does that like Glenna.”
Bill Welte
Executive Director, America’s KESWICK