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“When life gives you lemons . . . make lemonade!”
Sure, it’s a cliché; and we’ve all heard it a thousand times. But there’s no sense like common sense, and those old sayings hold more truth than we realize. Gayle Zinda is a motivational and inspirational speaker who takes that tired old cliché and gives it new relevance, elevating it with greater meaning. In her hands, “making lemonade” becomes a way to face up to the setbacks, traumas, and tragedies of life. Even more, it is a way to triumph over them. In truth, “making lemonade” is a way of life. Gayle’s most popular presentation, “The Lemonade Story”, is based on her stirring book Pink Lemonade: Freshly Squeezed Insights to Stir Your FaithTM. Gayle shares her real-life stories of struggle, strife, and success. As a former cancer-care provider (and a cancer survivor herself), Gayle tells of the many instances of compassion, generosity, and strength of spirit that she has been witness to.

Gayle was born in Ft.Thomas, Kentucky in 1956. The middle child of five, her childhood was the usual mix of lemons and lemon drops; but at age 19 Gayle took her first truly sour bite out of life. She got married! Some people are not marriage material, and Gayle had found one of them. After a few volatile years, she was divorced, with two bright young boys to raise and not a drop of child support to rely on. Gayle had a choice to make. She could follow the path of welfare and go nowhere. Or, she could take the hard road, and work to make something of herself and her sons. Over the years, she worked tirelessly at many jobs and careers. Financial setbacks and major surgeries were obstacles along her path; but Gayle took the lemons that life gave her and made lemonade with them. There wasn’t always a plan, but the direction was always forward. Then, in one shining moment, it all came together; a new path lay before her, a new life ahead. At the moment of truth, a medical salesman slipped Gayle a note. On it, was a name and number that would truly change her life-forever.

Gayle dropped it in her purse and forgot about it. There it sat, for a year. When she finally did read it and dial the number, a woman said, “Honey, I’ve been waiting for your call.” Gayle met Rita Snider, and listened to the remarkable story of her battle with breast cancer. After a humiliating search for wigs and breast prostheses, Rita declared “No more!” and opened up The Lemonade Stand. This welcoming salon provided women with everything they’d need for a fight with cancer. Rita surprised Gayle then, by saying, “The Good Lord told me that if I hung on long enough, He’d send someone to carry on. As soon as you walked in, I knew it was you.”

Crazy or not, by day’s end Gayle had quit her secure nursing job to devote herself full-time to The Lemonade Stand. Rita passed away that year, but Gayle kept the dream alive for a dozen more. The years were filled with financial drama, heartaches, and endless challenges; but there were countless rewards as Gayle and her team went on to help more than 10,000 clients.

Topics include:

The “Lemonade” Story
Gayle’s shares her amazing story of a chance encounter with a women who truly reshaped her “purpose” and changed her life forever. This is Gayle’s most sought-after talk This is a highly motivational and inspirational presentation. (30 to 90 minutes)

Raising Kids with Morals, Not Money
Gayle’s story of raising two boys with no child support and very little money. Gayle shares five great ideas on how to raise kids with morals and wisdom in today’s world, like “Surround yourself with those you want to be like, and run from the ones you don’t.” Gayle also gives an update on how her boys are doing as young adults. This is an informative and motivational
presentation. (30 to 60 minutes)

Patient Advocacy-Don’t Drop the Ball
Gayle talks about the importance of medical professionals and the recovery process before, during, and after an illness. Gayle recounts her frustrations after having two major back surgeries, a hip replacement, and a left lower lobectomy. This very informative talk is usually presented to medical professionals and their staff. (30 to 90 minutes)

Success is Not Always “Show Me the Money”
Gayle shares how providing care and inspiration to more than 10,000 clients defines her success-and how money acted as a temptation to divert her from her purpose. This inspiring presentation is sure to raise some questions on money, morals and business ethics. (30 to 60 minutes)

Burnout and the Healthcare Provider
“Thank God for the peace and tranquility of my little broom closet.” Gayle recounts her use of the broom closet in her office as a private chapel-to pray, reflect, and to remember her purpose. This funny and motivational presentation is directed toward healthcare providers. (30 minutes-great for a luncheon)

Gayle’s real-life tragedies and triumphs have given her a lot to share with others. Her casual, conversational style has audiences
laughing and crying, even as she educates and informs. Let Gayle show you how to “make lemonade” with the lemons that life gives you!
Facing the Difficult Patient
Gayle shares her personal experiences of how prayer and hard work helped her win over some of her most difficult clients.
This very inspirational presentation is directed to healthcare providers. (30 minutes-great for a luncheon)

Patient Advocacy in the Healthcare Jungle
It takes a good health care team, a supportive family, and an army of friends to conquer any serious illness-and to keep your sanity. Gayle shares four important points that will help patients and their families through the difficult times before, during, and after a major surgery or serious illness. This very informative and positive message is directed towards patients and their families. (30 to 60 minutes)

Lemons to Lemonade
“We have choices when we’re faced with difficult situations!” Gayle shares some of the toughest challenges she has faced in life so far, and how a positive attitude plays a vital role. This is an inspirational and emotional presentation. (30 to 60 minutes)

Looking Great to Feel Awesome!
Gayle shares her experiences with her recent lung cancer diagnosis, and why she believes that acting with a positive mindset-like wearing her own pajamas in the hospital and applying lipstick only hours after a left lower lobectomy aided in her recovery.
This is a highly motivational and inspirational presentation. (30 to 45 minutes)

A Leap Of Faith
“Don’t wait for your deathbed to make your faith real!” If we were told we’d die tomorrow, we’d all pray to someone. Gayle shares the challenge that her mentor, Rita, gave her. She covers the road to faith that followed, as she gave up a secure job
to venture out on a journey of hope. This highly motivational and inspirational presentation will challenge you and your position
on faith. (30 to 60 minutes)