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Mom of 13, author, personal coach, university professor is known worldwide for her motivating insight, sharing practical, tried-and-true principles for positive life change. Connecting to audiences for over 20 years, Erin has helped families, young moms, children & youth, churches, educators, and leaders with effective strategies, powerful techniques, and inspiration from the heart.

A mom of 13 children by birth, marriage, and adoption, Erin is an author, speaker, media guest, and university professor in leadership and management, personal and professional communication, writing and research, and health and wellness in Cornerstone University’s Professional and Graduate Studies Division. With a bachelors degree in education and a masters degree in rehabilitation from Western Michigan University, along with 30 years of experience in education and counseling, Erin’s mission is to help families, children, youth, adults, and professionals build stronger relationships and gain practical skills for a dynamic lifestyle of mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual health. Erin helps families and individuals not only through speaking, but also with her books and CDs, websites, free web downloads, teleclasses, ezines, and print and online articles. Erin is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

Erin is a parenting expert worldwide specializing in
• Practical Parenting Tips
• Mom Fitness & Family Health
• Child Development and Education
• Effective Discipline and Behavioral Challenges
• Special Populations and Learning Challenges
• Educational Techniques that meet all learners’ needs through brain-based and differentiated teaching and learning
• Adoptive Parenting
• Single Parenting
• Step Parenting
• Building Faith and Values in Children and Families
• Spiritual Growth for Christian Families

Erin has been featured in hundreds of media including Parenting Magazine, Family Energy Magazine, All You Magazine, Dallas Child Magazine, Big Apple Parent, and Montreal Parent; almost a hundred newspapers including The Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Miami Herald, Detroit News; and dozens of web sites such as,,,,, and; and numerous radio shows with WGN Chicago, American Family Radio, Parent Talk Radio, By the Book Radio, The Dr. Laura Berman Show, and “Defining Women with Lisa and Sally.” For a complete listing of media experience, visit Erin’s web site

Erin privately coaches select families from around the globe and shares monthly insights through “live” teleclasses for parents. As a 30-year professional educator, 20-year home schooling mom, adoptive mom, health and fitness buff, entrepreneur, management & leadership instructor, and professional writer, Erin enjoys providing information and inspiration to niche audiences. Corporate, professional, health care, and non profit audiences enjoy Erin’s leadership and communication skills programs that build high-level interaction and increase results – in healthy company culture, individual skills and behavior, and the bottom line. Whether speaking to a group, on the radio, or one-on-one, you’ll find Erin’s communication direct, sensitive, inspiring, and practical.

Erin’s books and materials include
• 20 Secrets to Success with Your Child (2003)
• “My Kid is Driving Me Crazy!” 14 Realistic Expectations that Make Parenting Easier (2004)
• 40 Days to Balanced Parenting; How to Bring your Busy Life Back into Balance (2004)
• Writing Skill Builders Curriculum for College-Bound Teens (2005)
• and the Mom Fitness Program, “Totally Fit Mom” (2005)

Erin lives in Southwest Michigan where she enjoys everyday moments with her family on their acreage – reading, discovering, and treasuring time in and about their home together.

Here is a list of keynote, seminar, and workshop titles Erin provides, gathered from over 20 years of presenting to audiences large and small.

Family & Parenting
• 20 Secrets to Success with Your Family: The Top 20 Truths to a Happy Family
• 20 Secrets to Success with Your Child: The Top 20 Tips for Parenting Success
• How to Turn Good Parenting Intentions into Dynamic Action – and Keep it Going for Good
• “My Kid is Driving Me Crazy!” – 14 Realistic Expectations that Make Parenting Easier
• How to Teach Your Child the Top 10 Truths of a Joyful Christian Life
• 7 Simple Steps to Healthy Family Living – Inside and Out
• 40 Days to Balanced Parenting; How to Bring Your Busy Life Back into Balance
• More than Just Survival: The Single Mom’s Guide to Joyful Living
• Positive, Powerful, Practical Discipline – that Works
• Taming those Terrible Tantrums with Calm, Cool, Collected Connection
• Sibling Rivalry: Make Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
• Baby Communication: How to Start Your Child off Right
• Becoming the Totally Fit Mom God Intends you to Be
• How to Create a Strong and Happy Family with “Margin”

For Woman Only
• 5 Key Truths to Becoming the Beautiful Woman God Intends you to Be
• 7 Indispensable Truths Vital to Being a Totally Fit Mom
• The Top 5 Phrases Your Husband wants to Hear
• Energy for Busy Moms – Yes, you can Have It!

For Children Ages 6 to 12
• The Smart Kid’s Guide to Dealing with Anger
• The Smart Kid’s Guide to Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
• The Smart Kid’s Guide to Doing Well in School
• The Smart Kid’s Guide to Being a Friend
• Who is Jesus?

For Teens & Youth
• Teen Abstinence: 7 Simple Actions to Honor Your Future
• The Top 10 Life Skills You Need to Know Before You Graduate
• How to Cut Your Study Time in Half and Get an “A” Every Time
• 7 Simple but Profound Communication Skills that bring Life Success
• What Critical Thinking and Christian Worldview Have to Do with Your Future

Inspirational, Personal Growth, and Life Coaching
• Reach Your Goal with Half the Energy and Twice the Enjoyment
• Power Track Living for Those who Want MORE Out of Life
• Slow it Down and Get there Faster; How to Pace your Days for a Strong Finish
• Time Management: More than Just a Planner
• The ABC’s of Thinking, Feeling, and Doing: How to Make your Mind, Emotions, and Actions work together for Getting to Where you Want to Be – Fast

For Educators and Administrators
• 20 Secrets to Success in Your Classroom
• The Top 10 Personal Skills Your Staff Needs for High-Level Interaction and a Top-Notch Learning Environment
• Differentiated Learning: Ten Tools to Tailor Your Teaching to the Movers and the Shakers
• How to Help the Active Student Focus and Learn
• How to Teach to Your Students’ Learning Styles with Less Effort and More Results
• How to Create a Classroom Climate with Blue Skies and Clear Sailing
• Teach Writing with
• “Spiral Notebooking”: How to Teach Every Student to Find the Answers and Get an “A” – Every Time

For Adoptive Families and Adoption Professionals
• What to Expect When You’re Adopting: Navigate the Adoption Process with Confidence and be Well-Prepared for Your Child’s Arrival
• What to Expect After the Adoption: Making it Through the First Five Months (and Years!) with Flying Colors
• Adopting the Older Child: Special Skills for Secure Families
• The Top Ten Skills you Need to Connect and Communicate Well with Your Families

For Home Schooling Families
• What you Absolutely MUST Know to Teach Your Child at Home
• How to Raise a Great Reader (a.k.a. What the Reading Textbooks and Programs Aren’t Teaching Your Child and Should Be)
• The Top Ten Things your Child Needs to Know Before Graduating Your Home School
• The Home Schooling Parent’s Top 10 Tips for Teaching Great Spelling Skills
• Home Schooling without Tears: How to Teach your Child within His or Her Learning Style
• For Kids & Parents: Super Spelling Secrets
• For Kids & Parents: How to Rocket your Reading a Full Grade Ahead
• For Teens: How to Take a Test and Get an “A” Every Time
• For Teens: “Spiral Notebooking”: How to Learn Fast, Find the Answers to Every Question, and Cut your Study Time in Half
• For Teens: College Prep Writing Skills: What you Need to Know to be a Great Writer
• For Teens: College Prep Speaking and Communication Skills: The Top 10 Secrets to Communicating Well
• For Teens & Parents: Word Mastery: How to “Get it Right” with Grammar, English, and all those Tricky “Word Skills”

Leadership Development for Your Church, Business, and Organization
• The Top Ten Communication Skills Every Leader Needs for Respect, Response, and Results
• The 4 Attitude + Actions Equations: Concrete Math that Makes a Difference in Your Leadership
• Situational Leadership: Flex Four and Grow Your Leadership

For Business & Corporate/Organizational Development Growth, Change, and Results
• The Five-Star Boardroom: Top Down Living for Bottom Line Results
• How to Hire the Right People in the First Place
• How to Write Clearly, Concisely, and Get your Point Across
• How to Turn Pen and Paper Goals into Action
• How to Create “Total Health” and “Next Level Attitude” with Your Team – and Get a Better Bottom Line
• How to Get People to Hear What you Say and Do What You Tell Them
• Parenting in the Boardroom?! Lessons for Brilliant Business from Parenting “Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen”
• How to Lead Change and Keep Your Team Right There With You


“Erin Brown Conroy has the amazing ability to take complex parenting issues and bring them alive so vividly.”
Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic
Parenting Author of You’ve Got to be Kidding and father of 19 children

“You have a great personality…Every interviewer should be prepared to bless their audience with your very helpful and practical information. With the great needs of today’s families, I highly recommend you as a guest. If anyone out there has parents within listening range, I advise them to book you, Erin.”
Lee Brandel, WTLN Christian Radio Host
Orlando Florida

“Erin Brown Conroy has combined the practical wisdom from her parenting experience with the theories of child development…an excellent resource for adoptive parents.”
Dr. John Clanton, AB, M. Div., D. Min.
Compassionate Care Adoption Agency, Indiana

“I like Erin’s ability to convey info – and how she teaches…the families we work with always enjoy Erin, and I look forward to booking Erin again and again.”
Sally Sohlden, Meeting Planner

“I liked that your seminar energizes me and renews my vision with the great practical, hands-on ideas. I wish today’s seminar was longer!”
Amy Boersma, Seminar Attendee

“Erin, you’re friendly, warm, and personal. I see the ideas received today working…I’d like to see many more seminars, held more frequently – My kids want to go to them all!”
Parent, Educational Seminar Attendee and Mom

“All I learned is so practical! I like your enthusiasm and the way you engaged the children and made them feel comfortable…Thank you!”
Lisa Dilts, Educators’ Seminar Attendee and Mom

“I really enjoy [Erin’s] practical tips – They help me bring the big ideas into my daily life!”
Tami Webb, Women’s Seminar Attendee

“Erin, I’m inspired and motivated; the skills I learned today make me a better person and leader. I’m so glad to have been here.”
Attendee, Business Communication & Leadership Skills Workshop