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swensonericFee Range: $2000+, $3000+
Location: South Carolina, Colorado
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Eric has 36 years of hands-on life and business experience in aviation, ministry, health care,competitive sports, and humanitarian aid. Eric’s straight from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate message motivates and engages all audiences to step into their God idea.
Eric’s coaching practice is a dynamic process that brings life-balance and major return on investment for his clients using four core pillars: business, personal/family, health, and spiritual. Swenson delivers results that inspire, motivate, and provide the tools to change one life at a time.

Eric’s personal testimony

As a young boy, Eric was raised in a normal home with parents who immigrated from Sweden and Finland in the early 50’s. There was abuse, confusion, control and a family that ended in divorce when he was 13. Because of shame and religious teachings that didn’t add up, he sought out the world’s system and found drugs, sex, and made alpine ski racing his god.

By his late 20’s Eric tried marriage for all the wrong reasons, ending in divorce six years later. He lost his wife and best friend. His mother died from a terrible disease. He quit his corporate job and repeated the same dysfunctional behavior he had grown up with. He wanted to die!

During those incredible hard times, however, he had a friend in college who recommended he attend church to see if God was real. He was led back to a church where the Pastor loved him and shared the good news – God’s Word. God become real to Eric as he recommitted his life to Him.

This was the start of a healing process that would take many years of counseling, studying an old (2,000 years) instruction manual, and finding that there is grace and mercy in life. Eric says, “If he could change a train wreck like me, he can do it for you!”

At age 40, Eric answered His call in life to share this Good News. Although he didn’t realize at the time what the full commitment really meant, but in his heart he knew this was his life’s purpose. Through his testimony people’s lives could be changed with the love of Jesus. Within a year, while praying for a deformed little woman in Mexico City’s square. God told him that he needed to help others through his knowledge of hospital surgery wards and other areas in the health care field. He was allowed to birth H. Victory, “An Instrument of Hope”, a recycling medical goods program for third world hospitals and missions groups worldwide. Recognized in the New York Times and medical journals around the world, this act of obedience still impacts world health 14 years later.

Eric’s other accomplishments include:

Speaker since 1994

Author of “The Birthing of a God Idea”

CEO and founder of Biz-Coach with nationwide coaching clientele

CEO and founder of Medi Resource Network, the 1st medical products e-commerce portal in the dot com world, founded in 1994

CEO and founder of H.Victory “An Instrument of Hope,” the first national recycling medical goods program for third world countries
Executive Coach to inner city leaders

Ordained minister (non-denominational) Pastor, speaker, teacher, and counselor

Top producing health care salesman, medical sales technician, and teacher in surgery for physicians (TKA, THA, spinal fusion, and minimal invasive procedures)

Aviation professional and hobbyist, private pilot (SEL), member of AOPA, EAA, NBAA, AFA flight attendant, crew scheduler, NTSB student investigator

Certified in Management Practices and Leadership by FEDEX
Aviation – Metro State College- Aviation management / Pro Pilot-business

Named “entrepreneur extraordinaire” running his first company at age 15 in a hospital

Competitive alpine ski racer, voted best alpine ski racer in Western Colorado, turned professional in 1976 under manufacturer sponsorship

Core Speaking Topics

Find Your plan for life!
Drawing from the “Dreaming Big” processes in his book, “The Birthing of a God Idea,”Eric helps audience members learn out-of-the-box tools to take their dreams and visions and bring them to reality.

Less = More!
In these tough times, millions are grappling with issues that are keeping them awake at night. That’s why Eric’s Less = More message resonates so well with people trying to bring balance back into their lives. This presentation helps people to identify their true goals, find accountability partners that will keep one on-track toward those goals, unshackle themselves from the “tyranny of the urgent,” and learn how to say “no” effectively. Audiences leave with a new sense of what’s important in their business and personal lives, ready to live a healthy and productive life immune from its challenges. Less =More is a message for the ages, and is more important now than ever!

How Big Would You Dream.?
Eric engages his audience with life-changing coaching techniques that have resulted in participants making radical life changes. Eric’s motto: “How big would you dream, if you knew you couldn’t fail with God?”TM

These offerings are just suggestions. Eric specializes in developing customized presentations specifically applicable to your audience .
and your budget. Eric’s proven techniques used in his interactive
speaking program will affect each listener’s heart. “When we find our destiny and fulfill those dreams and visions inside us, we truly find
the peace we have always been looking for.”
Eric Swenson


The Birthing of a God Idea” is a terrific combination of Eric’s valuable personal experiences, embedded in a carefully laid out business development plan for each reader. There is so much to learn and embrace from the book.”
Mike Weinstein, President, Take Stock in Children

After doing one exercise called “How Big Would You Dream,”T that Coach Eric provided, I realized that this is exactly what God does. He plants dreams inside us, much bigger than ours. I was redirected for a new purpose – missionary work in Alaska.
Billy James, Missionary Pilot / Mechanic

“Your program has been great! I have regained a focus and purpose for my life. The total package concept (physical, mental, financial and health) has given me a basic foundation to reach towards higher
Cliff Fowlkes, Corporate Pilot