Dr. Nell Mohney

mohneynellFee Range: $2000+, $3000+
Location: Tennessee
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Dr. Nell Mohney, native of North Carolina, is a speaker, writer, and columnist with weekly articles in several national newspapers. Two of her books are: The Inside Story, Don’t Put a Period Where God Put a Comma. An attractive, winsome and dynamic speaker for meetings throughout the nation, Dr. Mohney is best known as a Seminar Leader for business and professional groups, being retained by many on a regular basis for continuing Seminars.

Her topics include: “Get Control of Your Time and Life”, “Effectiveness in the Work Place”, “How to Be a Motivator”, “Stress Without Distress”, and “Getting It All Together.” She has led VISION 2000 Launch Events in 12 states from Maine to Hawaii. Dr. Mohney is an effective authority on topics of the greatest interest today.