Dr. Lynda Hunter Bjorklund

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Location: Colorado
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Dr. Lynda Hunter Bjorklund earned her doctorate from the University of Cincinnati and taught at Miami University. For more than a decade, she has spoken before audiences including Life on the Edge and Heritage Keepers. She has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows with such hosts as Janet Parshall, Dennis Rainey, Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and James Robison. She hosted the nationally syndicated The Lynda Hunter Show, a live-call-in talk show for women. She is the founding editor of Focus on the Family’s Single-Parent Family magazine and the author of several books:

SHE (Tyndale) co-authored with Rebecca St. James
The Hungry Heart (Tyndale)
God, Do You Care (Word)
Who Am I, Really (Word)
You Hold the Keys to Your Child’s Character (Servant)
Parenting On Your Own (Zondervan/Harper Collins)
Single Moments (Focus)
SHE Rules! (For Teens also with Rebecca,Tyndale,
due out 2005)

Lynda has been called a “purveyor of fine spiritual food.” She has a passion for God’s Word and the difference it can make in the everyday lives of women today. Lynda instills hope by sharing her own story of pain as well as God’s mercy and faithfulness in seeing her through. She pulls listeners in with her authentic passion, style, and personal stories and helps take
them from where they are to where they need to be. She brings to life God’s transforming work in our lives as she shows women how to change situations they’re facing by changing themselves.

Lynda lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, Dave. They have six children.

Topics include:

The Hungry Heart: Satisfying Your Desire to Know God in Deeper Ways
SHE: Becoming the Safe Healthy, Empowered Woman You Were Made to Be
Watch Your “Wait”: Making the Most of Your Life and Finishing Strong
Women in Combat: Learning Effective Prayers That Bring About Great Results
Persuaded:Trusting God Anyway
God, Do You Care?: Making Sense of the Hard Times
Who Am I, Really?: Finding Your Significance in Christ
Breaking Bondage: Living Beyond Past Sins and Curses Workout!: Mastering the Spiritual Disciplines
Evangelism and Discipleship 101: Making Sharing Easy
Marriage Makeover: Five Keys to Accessing God’s Plan for Your Marriage

She is available for seminars, church-wide retreats, women’s conferences, leadership training, and motivational talks. She will
tailor topics to meet your needs or develop special messages for the concerns of your group.


“Lynda evidences a warm love for Christ and His Word, as well as a tender, compassionate heart for hurting people. God has given her a wonderful ability to graciously and forthrightly point people to the Truth that will set them free.”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Author and host of ReviveOur Hearts radio ministry

“From the first time I met Lynda years ago, I loved this woman. She had a heart for God. It was evident that nothing-no
circumstance of life-would deter her from pursuing Him. This is the kind of woman I want to learn from.”
Kay Arthur
Author, speaker, and CEO and cofounder of Precept Ministries

“Like a gourmet chef, Lynda prepares a bountiful feast for all whose hearts are hungry to know God in a deeper way. I invite
you to come and partake of these soul-satisfying truths and leave filled with the knowledge of how to have an intimate, passionate, and committed relationship with the Lord.”
Cynthia Heald
Author, speaker, and on staff with The Navigators

“Honest. Heart-touching. Encouraging. Personal. Dr. Lynda Hunter Bjorklund is an articulate communicator and a gifted writer.
Her message grabs the attention of her listeners and effectively speaks truth to her audience. Her message is filled with biblical
principles, captivating illustrations, and practical applications, which help her listeners want to go deeper with God.”
Carol Kent
Author, speaker, and president of Speak Up Speaker Services

“Lynda offers sensitive insights on how to handle hurts and find healing. Her gentleness, honesty, and strength permeate everything she does as she offers a three-fold cord of hope.”
Patsy Clairmont
Author and speaker

“Honest, refreshing, inspiring, and equipping. Lynda shares struggles, victories, joys, and sorrows. She comes as a friend,
offering both spiritual inspiration and practical how-tos.”
Linda McGinn
Author and Speaker

“I have rarely seen a woman so gifted in quickly identifying the real issues involved in women’s struggles. She says just the right thing, graciously giving Scripture that addresses problems with godly wisdom and compassion. Her love for the Lord and for her audience is obvious.”
Nancy Cobb
Author and Speaker