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Author and speaker Dr. Diane Dike is a remarkable woman who continuously beats incredible odds to share her story of overcoming with audiences everywhere. With the strength and determination to succeed in spite of being diagnosed with a painful incurable blood disease, surviving a traumatic divorce, becoming homeless, suicidal and consequently being committed to a psychiatric ward.

Today, Diane is President of Second Chance with Saving Grace Outreach braving her challenges to champion causes that make the world a better place. But this incredible story of triumph over tragedy
does not end there. Though she physically struggles to take care of herself, she rescued a broken abandoned dog and named her, Gracie. Now even Gracie has risen above her challenges to become the
world’s first Italian Greyhound Service Dog helping a woman with an incurable blood disease. Diane and her life-saving Service Dog, through books and appearances, are a beacon of light encouraging
a greater appreciation of life, to never give up, to look for the possibilities in seemingly impossible situations and to stay strong and courageous. Diane would like to share her story with your audience
that will help them to:

.PREPARE diligently for every task.
.FACE challenges with courage.
.FOCUS on rising above the circumstances and being the best you can be.
.BUILD more trusting and collaborative relationships.
.COMMIT to excellence in business and life.

Gracie and Diane are well known for their humanitarian and non-profit work. Second Chance, is a 501c(3) organization whose mission is to help hurting people and animals.

Speaking Topics:

Diane’s messages are intended for large audiences and can be up to an hour including a multimedia production with music. Often Paul, Diane’s husband and best friend join her during the presentation and with their little Gracie; it’s always fresh, moving, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind!
Each message is tailor made to meet your needs.

Stay Strong and Courageous-No Matter What!
This could be the most important 45 minutes of your life. You will hear a message that will challenge you to overcome and stay strong and courageous! Diane has lived it and knows how to teach you to do the same. She will share the tools you will need to meet life’s challenges and be the winner God created you to be no matter what! She’s experienced terrible tragedy yet she prevails with her husband, God’s love and her adorable rescued Italian Greyhound Service Dog, Gracie. Diane’s dedicated her remaining days to being a light in the darkness giving God all the glory. She will dare you to do the same.

Dreams Do Come True-A Second Chance for You!
Diane shares her testimony with a grateful heart for all the divine appointments and miracles. Always fresh and unique her objective is to create a visual imprint in the minds of everyone about the hope they can have in Jesus. She usually finishes with a special presentation of the picture of love Jesus has for each of us as He gently writes in the sand to show us the forgiveness He intended for each of us. It’s a personal, deep and unforgettable message helping you to dream big and Never Give Up!

Story Time with Gracie & Diane, Q & A, and Meet & Greet
Geared for elementary, tweens, High school, staff,… animal lovers of all ages. Diane teaches valuable lessons about growing through adversity. She inspires all to laugh throughout, realize the importance of friendship, love and teamwork. Her objective is to help everyone experience how rewarding reaching out to the least of these can be. Challenging all to “pass it forward” with “random acts of kindness.” She also focuses on forgiveness and how important it is to grow healthy relationships. And when groups request she can emphasize other local and “in the news” issues.

God’s Sense of Humor
Based on the popular chapter in her autobiography, God Made Only One of Me. This is a highly requested message for marriage seminars and retreats. Men, women, married couples and singles all enjoy this message of help and encouragement. She makes values come alive for families while sharing authentically the challenges she has experienced through divorce — the living death of it and the hope on the other side. Diane’s husband Paul joins her and Gracie to share the secrets of a successful marriage finding the sense of humor God has in it all and the second chance available to each of us no matter what mistakes we’ve made. Build better relationships with teamwork, build better teamwork with success and spice and everything nice.

Praying With Power
Another popular speaking topic relating to praying the word of God and the power it can have in your life. Diane shares encouraging ways to remember and document the amazing things God does in our life everyday, how to building a great prayer team and how to live everyday to it’s fullest taking NOTHING for granted. This topic brings inspiration, hope and joy to life with Diane’s delivery of unspeakable spunk!

Other Keynote Topics:

Abstinence and AIDS Awareness
Cha-ching Another Pearl!
Disability Awareness and Service Dog Etiquette
Team building – Teamwork – Trends
Getting Your Breakthrough
Development A Lasting Career
Change, Challenge, Grow
Communicate Authentically
Competence, Competitiveness, Confidence
Decision Making Gods Way
Effective Outreach Involvement
Personal Effectiveness with Integrity
Wellness Does Not Always Mean a lack of Sickness
Living While You Are Dying
Set Realistic Goals

Other topics available — she will deliver a message tailor made for your group and your theme!