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Location: Michigan
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If you are looking for a speaker who bases her presentations on God’s Word and combines her content with compassion, candor and creativity, Diana Pintar is the speaker for your group. Diana’s vast ministry background serves as a wellspring for messages that are both rich with practical wisdom and Biblically sound. She was the Director of Women’s Ministries and Director of Small Group Leadership Development at NorthRidge Church (a 10,000+ member seeker-sensitive church). She
serves with Carol Kent as a speaker and trainer in the Speak Up With Confidence seminars (in both the Original and Advanced seminars). Diana also served on the board of Women in Action with Patsy Clairmont and “wherever needed” for Winning Women. She was featured in Women of Faith’s Ministry Connection Magazine “Ministry Leader Spotlight”(February/March 2005 edition).

Diana is a contributor to Zondervan’s “Kisses of Sunshine” series and author of curriculum currently utilized by NorthRidge Church. A seasoned inspirational and motivational speaker and mentor to many women, Diana travels throughout the United States and Canada speaking for conferences, seminars and retreats. As the founder and director of The Next Step Ministries, Diana encourages audiences to take next step in their walk with Jesus at whatever level of experience that next step
might be.

In 1986, Diana’s life was all that she had ever dreamed it would be. Married for twenty years to her high school sweetheart, mother of two, and actively involved a full-time conference and retreat ministry, her dreams died in an instant when her husband said these words, “Diana, I don’t know if I love you. I don’t know if I’ve ever loved you. I want a divorce.” Disappointed with the God who didn’t heal her marriage, and disillusioned with the church who didn’t know how to respond to her broken life, Diana’s faith faltered. She turned her back and walked away for seven dark years she calls “the great rebellion.”

Daniel 11:35 states, “Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless…” Diana says that those words describe what that period of rebellion accomplished in her life. Restored, revived and remarried to the “dashing, delightful, debonair” Dr. Michael Pintar, Diana shares compassionate messages as a “wounded healer” who has learned that grace is more than amazing and that there is true freedom in forgiveness.


“Diana was absolutely wonderful! She got me laughing and crying all in the same breath!”
Catherine Connery -Event Coordinator
Faith Lutheran Church
Shelby Township, Michigan

“Diana was wonderful and the Lord really used her! The ladies are still talking about it. We would love for her to come back and speak again next year. It is difficult to find reputable speakers and we couldn’t have done better than Diana.”
Stephanie Wright – Event Coordinator
Bedford Alliance Church
Toledo, Ohio

Topics include:

Individual Messages:
How to Take the Next Step When You Can’t Even Find Your Shoes
Choosing to be the Right Woman
Thanks! It’s Just What I Always Wanted! (Christmas/Advent message)

Retreat Themes:
Come Away my Beloved
A heart to heart encounter with the King of Creation
(A 3-message retreat based upon the Song of Songs)

Facilitator’s Toolbox
The tools you need to lead
(Small Group Leadership Development Retreat)

Listening for the Whispers of God
(Interactive Prayer Retreat)

Journal your Journey
(Spiritual Journaling Retreat)

Come Forth As Gold
Understanding and embracing God’s purposes in the tests and trials of daily life
(A 3-5 message retreat based upon Job 23:10 and Malachi 3:3)

Being the Body of Christ
Exploring God’s answer to our deep desire to belong and to matter
(A 3-5 message based upon the book of Ephesians)

In addition, Diana is willing to adapt her messages to a theme of your choosing.