Debbie Pierson

piersondebbieFee Range: $500 or under, $500-1000
Location: Michigan
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A gifted speaker who has been featured in “Today’s Christian Woman” magazine, Debbie Pierson has been described as one commanding attention.

You have heard the saying, “Big things come in small packages,” and you’ll soon discover that Debbie is a whole 4′ 10″ of dynamite. But you’ll be surprised with the “big” presence she has with her passion for sharing truth. She is engaging, humorous, and powerful–with flare and confidence, she articulates powerful truths of God’s Word.

Debbie is sensitive to the needs of her listeners–she loves to teach from her heart, providing energizing tools to analyze your relationship with God, your spouse, and your children. Her material will positively refresh, challenge and fill you up in the Lord.

Topics include:

Girlfriends –Splashes of Joy
Celebrate and Savor Life
Confidence to Fail
Is my Life a Comedy or a Tragedy?
Love and Logic Parenting
Marriage–Finding the Joy
Are you Soaring or Sinking?
Sex, Wild and Captivating
Who am I Really?
Do People’s Personalities Puzzle You?
Recovering from Recycling
Rediscovering Who I Am
You’re doing what? But GOD…
The ABC’s of Friendship
Turn Obstacles into Opportunities
Marriage–Attitude, Bearing, Communicating


“Words are not sufficient to fully appreciate the loving and inspirational messages you gave yesterday at our Women’s Retreat! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything you said was inspired by God, and I could really see the Holy Spirit moving while you spoke. Thank you for opening yourself to His leading, and thank you for giving your time and energy to help the women grow in their relationship with God. I also appreciated the sources you chose.Larry Crab, Beth Moore, great! It helped us all to hear about your personal victories over satan’s attempts to defeat you. And when you prayed for different women, you offered hope and encouragement. Please keep doing your speaking engagements, your wisdom helps so many through the gift God has given you! And I like your energy!”


“Debbie is smart, funny, and captivating. She knows how to teach from her heart and gives you fun tools to analyze your relationship with God, your spouse, and your children. She has a great sense of humor, involving her audience and feeding them spiritual food. You will come out ‘full’ and refreshed after hearing Debbie speak.”
Comedian and speaker Joyce Sankey

“Debbie is a truly gifted communicator. She brings fresh passion and excitement when she speaks. Her energy engages the audience, and best of all, her life models what she teaches!”
Joe Snyder, Associate Pastor, Oak Pointe Church

“Debbie’s flexibility, transparency, and genuine love for others is demonstrated in her speaking. She is a pleasure to listen to, captivating audiences of all ages! ”
Lindsay Landgraff, Sr. Girls Director, Beacon Bible Camp