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Deanna Allen, National Director of Daughters of Destiny a ministry of Impact for Life, has been referred to as “a light, a spark plug, extremely dynamic, powerful, riveting, and a breath of fresh air.” Her background of life lessons and years of recovery experience give her a unique perspective and remarkable voice to speak into and for the hearts of the hurting, broken, or individuals desiring to get to their next level. Deanna has authored two books “The Son Is Shining” and “Pathway to Serenity; Overcoming Spiritual Bankruptcy” and is currently working on her next two. She is a member of AWSA – Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, has spoken on radio and television shows, has been published in several anthologies, and has contributed to various ministry newsletters throughout the years. As a National Key-Note speaker Deanna enjoys sharing with attendees of conferences, retreats, youth events, churches, organizations and especially prisons and jail ministries. She has a reputation of being a motivational speaker and author who will inspire and encourage those receiving the message as she challenges them to be all God created them to be.

Deanna and her husband Mitch are raising their 5 children whose ages span from 18 to 2. They enjoy living in a country setting in Northern California.


Deanna Allen will leave you with a greater understanding and love for the truth. She teaches that struggles and weaknesses are great opportunities for “God moments”. Weaving breaths of fresh air and smiles into gut-wrenching moments of personal conviction she challenges and inspires listeners to live a more abundant life. You’ll laugh, cry, stand, clap, want to run and hide but find yourself needing to hear more. Deanna amazingly takes her own testimony and weaves it into a teaching and prayer time that changes lives. Deanna sees what many over look. She is able to see the diamond in the rough in all of us and because of that her seminars, conferences, retreats and outreaches are absolutely life transforming. Once you hear her speak you can’t help but think to yourself, if God can change her life then just maybe he can change mine! You will think about this for months to come. If you want an impact with lasting affects schedule Deanna Allen to speak at any of your events.

Jennifer Scott
Conference Attendee

Deanna is an enthusiastic and transparent speaker who captivates her audience with her vibrant personality and her life-changing message of redemption and restoration. She is an outstanding communicator who openly and honestly shares her story of how God’s Spirit enabled her to overcome a dysfunctional past while building her future based on His truth. I wholeheartedly endorse Deanna as a speaker at your retreat, conference or special occasion.

Marc Stormont
Colonel, Retired United States Air Force

Ms. Allen had a very strong impact on me and all attendees of our event. Many commented about significant healing that came as a result of her seminar. A large number of our members have continually asked me when she is coming back to minister. Deanna is a woman of God and shares experiences that would be life-changing for anyone. She is empowered by the Holy Spirit and exceptionally able to discern the needs of the group. We are excited that she agreed to come back to our group and are blessed to have her scheduled at least two times in the coming year.
Sharon Fisher

Deanna Allen is one of the most energetic, passionate, confident speakers I’ve ever witnessed. Her passion for the Lord and sharing of stories are both astounding and contagious. In every setting I’ve seen her speak not a single person left without feeling encouraged and filled. Deanna is definitely used by God when she speaks in groups. Her heart is open to Gods leading and she puts her all into the presentations. Deanna is both a motivator for people and also an example of what God can do through a person. As someone whom feels the call to one day become a writer and a speaker – I personally hope to establish the obedience and the overflowing joy she has in her heart.

Michelle Melton
Seminar Participant

Topics include:

Lies vs. Truth
Come to understand the lies that keep you from being free. The word of God says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. If the truth sets you free, then perhaps it is the lies that bind and blind you. If you are to have a renewing of your mind by the word of God, perhaps it’s time you get “brain washed”.

Strength in Weakness
“Don’t wait for perfect conditions.” In your weaknesses God’s strength can be perfectly revealed. Learn how to lead with a limp by allowing God to show you His purposes in your weaknesses.”

Ministering to Others
What does it take for people to hear what God is saying to you? How can you know they are listening? Learn how to go right to the heart and plant a seed that won’t be easily gobbled up. Do I have to preach to minister to others? I think not.”

Acquiring the Fire
Is it trapped up in your bones? Want to experience more of God? If you’d like to step up several levels in your walk with the Lord and to receive greater power and revelation in your life you will want to attend Acquiring the Fire

Purpose for Pain
All things work together for good. Don’t be crippled anymore by the pain in your life. Past or present there is a purpose. Come to understand better how God can use it all.

Fanning the Flame
Have you lost site of the call on your life? Burned out in ministry, service or life in general? Discouraged, frustrated – come and let this seminar fan the flame that is still smoldering inside you.

Courage to Continue
How can I run this race when my feet won’t even move anymore? You don’t know what I’ve been through, how hard it’s been. I’ve lost everything and don’t know where to go from here. This conference will help you through grieving, remorse, guilt, shame and to regain enough faith and courage to continue.

Being Refined
Step into the furnace and see how the refiner’s fire can purify you. Leave this conference with impurities removed and feeling like gold refined by fire – become a trophy of His grace

Pieces to Peace
Life is shattered and I’m so broken. Will I ever experience peace again? Who am I to think I have anything to offer with my life in its current condition? How do I get peace that passes understanding?

Walking on Water
Learn how to have a faith filled lifestyle that you will keep you and those around you awestruck by God’s hand in your life.

Bondage Breaking
Don’t stay stuck. It’s time to get free – totally free. You can’t move forward if you’re continually looking backward. Jesus came that you might have life more abundantly not redundantly. Do you really want to remain a slave in Egypt or would you prefer living in the promised land? Come learn how.

Finding the God Zone
Deanna teaches on the difference between the good stuff, the great stuff and the God stuff. How to know the difference so you can experience all God has for your life. Don’t live a small life – learn to live outside of the box by finding the God zone.