David Staal

staaldavidFee Range: $1000-2000, $2000+
Location: Michigan
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When David Staal walks on stage, he takes the audience on a journey. Through his blend of everyday life stories and refreshing humor, that journey always brings people closer to God. Listeners of all ages and backgrounds will engage with David’s wit and wisdom— refined from years of speaking at conferences large (5,000+) or small (family dinner table), video broadcasts, and syndicated radio.

As David looks back on his diverse background, notices the experiences of those around him, and makes the complex simple, his audience will discover truths of God in memorable fashion. His life travels include a decade of ministry leadership at Willow Creek Community Church, 13 years in the business world, parenting two teenagers, a husband of 20 years, his current role as president of a nonprofit organization, a cancer survivor, and 29 interesting years of life prior to his relationship with Jesus.

In addition to speaking, David authored four books including Words Kids Need to Hear and Leading Kids to Jesus. Read his writing every month—published through his role as senior editor and children’s ministry columnist for Christianity Today International. Watch his video broadcasts on the Church Communication Network (www.ccn.tv) or listen to a recent radio interview on It Takes a Parent (NationalReviewOnline.com).

David’s most popular topics include:

Words Kids Need to Hear (For parents, ministry workers and educators)
What Kids Really Need (For parents, ministry workers and educators)
What If… Keys to a Thriving Ministry (Inspirational for ministry leaders/workers)
The God of Always (Inspirational for ministry leaders/workers)
Leading Kids to Jesus (For children’s/youth ministry workers)
From Ordinary To Extraordinary: The Great I Am (Inspirational for any audience)
The Loneliness of Cancer (For anyone facing illness or support providers)
The Big Question (For anyone facing illness or support providers)
Leading Your Child to Jesus (For parents)
A Walk, A Reach, A Taste (Communion for any audience)
Confront Fear With Faith (Inspirational, especially in economic tough times)
Secrets to Leading a Great Small Group (For children’s/youth workers)
A Different Route (Inspirational for any audience)
That Which Matters Most (For children’s/youth workers)
The Path (Children’s spiritual development message for parents and ministry workers)