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Location: Illinois
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Described as “personable, engaging, and well-informed,” Cindy Sumner communicates her care for the complex lives of mothers. Her presentations focus on providing practical information for moms, liberally sprinkled with doses of humor and inspiration. Cindy worked with young moms for eight years as the Contributing Editor of MOMSense magazine published by MOPS International. She has written six books including Time Out for Mom…Ahhh Moments, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…with Kids, Mommy’s Locked in the Bathroom, Mom’s Trapped in the Minivan, and her newest release, Dollars & Sense: A Mom’s Guide to Money Matters. In addition to her writing talents, Cindy holds an MBA and currently serves on the board of directors at her local community bank. She is a frequent interview guest on Christian radio stations.

With her transparency and down-to-earth style, Cindy reaches moms “where they live.” Regardless of the venue, you will find her well prepared and enthusiastic. Listeners will be humored, challenged, and blessed with practical suggestions they can use right away in their busy lives.

Topics include:

Dollars & Sense-Need to regain control over your finances, or simply improve you family’s money matters? Today, everyone should understand larger issues like how to save money and set financial goals, as well as the more mundane mechanics of bank accounts and establishing credit. In language that’s easy to understand, learn how your family can regain, or improve, its financial health.

Time Out for Mom-To have the strength, patience, and positive attitude to meet all those 24/7 mom duties, you need to take time out to nurture the nurturer-you. Cindy’s suggestions will help you build breaks into your busy day, rediscover your dreams, and nourish your spirit.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.with Kids!-Traveling with kids is stressful, but it can also be a rewarding time of family adventure. Minimize the hassle and maximize the enjoyment of your vacations, as Cindy shares how to pack a happy heart along with your belongings and create memories your family will cherish.

3 Steps to Pursuing Your Passion-Is it necessary for moms to have dreams that extend beyond raising a family? Yes! Learn how to restate old passions in the context of your new life as a mom, or find a new way to express yourself creatively.

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“Cindy’s humor and insight touched and moved the women in her break-out seminar. She was an encouragement to all those who heard her, and inspired all of us to be better moms.”
Dana Johnson, Chairperson, Heart Seekers Retreat

“Cindy’s ideas were very applicable to our frenetic lives; her talk was affirming to us as mothers…[She] is ‘way down to earth.’ I would highly recommend her as a speaker in any venue.”
Mary E. van Wijk, MOPS Discussion Group Coordinator