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Cindy Sigler Dagnan is the deliriously happy, chronically sleepy wife of one remarkable man and the mother of four daughters. She is a writer and international speaker, having sung or spoken in 30 states, Taiwan and Austria. She has been a guest on Focus on the Family and Phil Waldrep radio programs. Her venues have included Hearts at Home national, International and regional conferences, the North American and Missouri Christian Conventions as well as various banquets, retreats and marriage seminars.

Cindy has written articles for numerous publications including Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman, P31 Woman, Lookout, MomSense and Christian Standard. She writes a regular marriage column for Hearts at Home magazines and has written a bi-monthly column for The Joplin Globe. Her books include Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner? and Hot Chocolate for Couples.
She holds degrees in Biblical Literature, Secondary Education – Social Sciences and a Master’s in American History.

Thriving on Krispy Kremes and Diet Coke, she loves traveling, sharing her passion for families and God with women everywhere. She counts her husband Greg and her four girls as her biggest blessings and finding creative places to stash unfolded laundry and naming dust bunnies as her hidden talents. She loves the Lord and is thrilled by lightening bugs, flannel pjs, good books and time spent on her porch swing.

What Others are Saying about Cindy Sigler Dagnan

~ “Cindy is wonderful. I wish she had a daily webcast so I could have a little mom-centering every day!”
~ “She is AWESOME!”
~ “My all-time favorite conference speaker. Incredible! I left so encouraged and with tons of great ideas.”
~ “What a jewel! I had to rush right out and buy her book.”
~ “So enjoyable, I was thoroughly surprised when the hour was up!”
~ “Excellent, vibrant speaker. She’s funny with great information to share.”
~ “Not just entertaining, but with challenging content.”
~ “A highlight of my whole weekend conference.”
~ “I could have listened to Cindy all day. She was an inspiration.”

Cindy’s Topics Include:

* The Chocolate Side of Life – humorous and inspirational testimony & scripture based keynote based on the premise that all of life with God is chocolate, some milk chocolate, some dark chocolate, it just depends on your perspective. **There is also a version of this entitled “The Chocolate Side of Teaching” great for teacher groups and library groups.
*NEW – The Showdown: How God Fights for Us in the Battles of Our Life – Based on the thrilling life of Elijah, an amazing and visual example of God’s faithfulness.
* NEW – Take Your M.E.D.S. – motivational and inspiration keynote for teachers and educators! Drawing on her own experience as a high school teacher, Cindy will make you laugh, cry and remember why you do this.
* NEW – A Baby Changes Everything and Mary’s Scrapbook – original dramatic and humorous monologues for Christmas time. Cindy incorporates music with this touching set.
*NEW – Building on Life’s Toughest Questions – keynote with Cindy’s testimony of abandonment, single parenting, losing her home in a tornado, the astounding stories of God’s faithfulness during a variety of hurts and her husband’s miraculous story of his kidney transplant – on their anniversary!

* God’s Got It Covered: A Quilt of Joy, A Quilt of Comfort, A Quilt of Victory – a 3-part retreat exploring how God’s faithfulness takes care of us in every situation.

* The Lights of Home – Humor & inspiration about home and heaven.

* Ants at Your Picnic – keynote on how God works in the tragedies and hard places in our lives.

* Footprints Retreat – Footprints that Lead; Footprints that Follow; Footprints that are Heartprints

* Becoming a Woman of Influence – keynote describing our various roles as godly women & the critical reasons that NOW is our “such a time as this.”

* The House That Stress Built – organizational/home workshop

* Porch Swings & Picnics: The Welcome Place- Fun, practical, inspirational workshop on hospitality!
* A Basket of Stars – motivational/inspirational keynote for high school girls

* Passionate Purity- NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER – a 3 session retreat for young women on purity; and an informative workshop/Q & A session for their mothers – Sessions are:

1) Passionate Purity: Portrait of a Princess
2)How Not to Lose Your Mind: Purity in a Crazy World
3) The Wedding Dress Monologue [a powerful drama that takes place in a wedding dress]

* Marriage Seminars/Valentine’s Banquets – together w/ husband Greg [Greg, who is the Police Chief of Carthage, Missouri and teaches advanced C.S.I. classes to law enforcement, sometimes does a women’s safety workshop when he accompanies Cindy to retreats]

* Hot Chocolate for Couples: Practical Ways to Sweeten Your Love Life

* Extreme Takeover – 2 part retreat or day event 1) G.R.A.C.E.: What the Well-Dressed Woman is Wearing and
2) Cleaning Out Your Spiritual Closet: What Not to Wear

* Peanut Butter Motherhood – organizing and loving your days as a mom – address the 5 areas of a woman’s life:
1) her home and time;
2) her marriage;
3) her self;
4) her children;
5) her God

* Rediscovering Joy – a 3-part retreat:
1) Rediscovering Joy as a Woman;
2) Rediscovering Joy as a Wife and Mom;
3) Rediscovering Joy as a Child of God

* Mother-Daughter Banquets:
1) “Laughter, Love & Legacies”;
2) Tying with Shoelaces, Strangling with Ribbons: a Humorous Look at the Mother-Daughter Relationship

* Father-Daughter Banquets: “The Power of a Daddy” – the uniquely tough & tender role that daddies play in their daughters purity, character & childhood

* Parenting Functions: “Laughter, Love & Legacies”- a poignant, inspirational & humorous look at our role as parents – great for banquets and school parent functions