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Location: Illinois
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Having been in full-time Christian music ministry since she was a small child, Brienne Murk travels internationally, performing at churches, camps and conferences with the group Myrrh. While still in high school, she was offered the role as manager of In Tune Ministries, a not-for-profit umbrella organization encompassing, In Tune Music (an independent record label), In Tune Publishing and In Tune Communications. Brienne is the seventh generation in her family to go into music and has a heritage that includes everything from the first Christian radio station in Minnesota, to the Ted Mac Amateur hour in 1963, to the Billy Graham Crusades in the seventies and eighties.

Brienne is the author of Eyes Wide Open: How To Guard Your Heart Against Premature Intimacy. In addition to her own book projects and working on several ghostwriting jobs, Brienne has served on the faculty for several writers’ conferences around the country and teaches workshops on Marketing Techniques, Emotional Purity, and Living Your Faith.

As the Executive Administrator for In Tune Ministries, Brienne has written and produced a nationally syndicated radio special; performed for, produced and directed four DVD’s; and recorded three CD’s, in addition to managing the everyday operations of the company.

Brienne has been involved in every aspect of full-time ministry since she was a small child. Her writing/speaking credits also include numerous appearances on national and international TV/Radio shows. She has conceptualized, scripted, and produced a nationally syndicated radio special and a four part teaching CD series; performed for, produced and directed four DVD’s; and recorded three CD’s. She just completed an A.A in Business at Olivet Nazarene University and is currently a Senior at Moody Bible Institute (majoring in Evangelism and Discipleship).

Brienne’s Speaking Topics:

* Purity: It’s Not Just About Sex
* Understanding Your Feelings and Emotions
* Protecting the Whole You
* Keys to Escaping Emotional Entanglements


“It is encouraging to see a young woman who is devoted to purity and to reaching out to teenaged girls. In Eyes Wide Open, Brienne hits the issue of emotional bonds and promiscuity dead on by addressing the importance of guarding one’s heart and how easy it is not to. She offers guidance and wise advice to avoid common traps and live in emotional as well as physical purity before God and man.”
Ron Luce
President & Founder of Teen Mania Ministries

“As one who has worked with high school and college aged students for the past 27 years, I can tell you of the devastating effects of guy/girl relationships done poorly. In “Eyes Wide Open” Brienne Murk offers a fresh perspective regarding personal purity and it’s effects on those relationships. Her discussion is firmly grounded in the Scriptures, peppered with useful anecdotes, and offers very practical suggestions for guarding one’s heart. Her book and her message will provoke young people to seriously consider their own practice of personal purity.”
Tim Arens, Ed.D. Dean of Students, Moody Bible Institute.

“Relatable and moving…Eyes Wide Open expands the scope of purity to the common hearbreak experienced by all teenagers. While convicting, the message is also encouraging and uplifting, leaving the reader prepared to honor God and excited about the blessings it will bring.”
Jennifer Barringer, age 20
2006 NCAA All-American Distance Runner, University of Colorado

“Emotional purity is an issue that I, and many of my friends, face today. This book opened my eyes to the consequences of an unguarded heart and motivated me to act and think in a way that would be pleasing to God.”
Kiersten, age 15
Bradenton, FL

“There are a lot of good dating and purity books out there, but most of them are clearly aimed at one facet of relationships – finding the right person, choosing purity, why to be pure, or how to stay pure. Brienne Murk writes about the total package and provides a practical guide to living out purity in relationships.”
Alyse Pritchard, age 23
Tacoma, WA

“Eyes Wide Open is definitely an eye-opener. Brienne takes guarding your heart to a higher level and gives positive building blocks to lay the foundation for saving many future broken hearts. Where was this book when I was in high school?!”
Shelly Ballestero
OnCourse Magazine Beauty and Health Contributor and Lifestyle Beauty Editor

“Brilliant. Purposeful. Brienne delivers a compelling message on how it is possible in an age of sensational mass media bombardment to live in complete purity in body, soul and spirit, following biblical principles through faith and obedience. Eyes Wide Open is a godly manual for Christian relationships.”
Rev. Renee Branson
President/Director, Mountain Top Ministries, Inc.
Pastoral Care Minister, Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

“I met Brienne Murk at a writer’s conference and immediately I recognized that she is a woman of the new millennium to whom other young women will look as a role model. She is bright, charming, and fun-loving. A fresh voice for her generation. A godly example for her contemporaries. Brienne addresses the issues of relationships, sex and purity that confront today’s tweens and teens. Using candid examples from her own effort to live a young adulthood with no regrets, Brienne translates Bible-based truths into the language of real life. Every young adult who is, in Brienne’s words “sick and tired of relationships that lead to pain and disappointment” will find truth in her message.”
Julie-Allyson Ieron, conference speaker and author of 23 books including Staying True in a World of Lies and the Sisters In Faith Bible Study Series

“I am amazed by the honesty and impressed by the truth Brienne Murk brings to the table concerning a topic rarely thought about, talked about, or cared about. Eyes Wide Open reminds us of the importance of emotional purity and of keeping our thoughts pointed toward an even greater tie.”
Eva Marie Everson,
Co-Author Sex, Lies, and the Media; and Sex, Lies, and High School

“I have known Brienne since she was a small child and she has always had a heart for God. She demonstrates wisdom and judgment well beyond her years and is the kind of role model our young people so desperately need today. Her message can change the hearts and the moral standards of this needy generation of youth.”
Shirley Rose
Author, Speaker, Executive Producer and Host of the Emmy-award winning “Aspiring Women”