Brenda Waggoner

waggonerbrendaFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: Texas
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Brenda Waggoner is an author, speaker, and licensed Christian counselor to women and elementary-aged children. Her passion is to help women become REAL – unique, transparent, and solidly connected to God. Her seminars and retreats are drawn from themes of her books, The Velveteen Woman, Fairy Tale Faith, Storybook Mentors, and The Myth of the Submissive Christian Woman.

Brenda creatively reinforces timeless Biblical truths with wisdom from classic children’s literature such as The Velveteen Rabbit, Little Women, or The Wizard of Oz, to offer hope and encouragement to women. Through her unique combination of personal experience, training and passion, Brenda vulnerably invites women to embrace the unique life God has called them to live. As a speaker, she is warm, genuine, and inspiring.

Her retreat format easily divides into several adaptable segments or can be given as a single presentation:

1. What is REAL?” (about ourselves, our relationship with God, Christian faith).
2. “Snuggling with the Master” (or “Sitting in the King’s Lap,” depending on theme) – Experiencing God’s presence in practical, everyday ways.
3. Living in the Meantime – Finding contentment and joy in life as it is today – not as you thought it should be – Seeing God’s sovereignty, wisdom and love beyond life’s circumstances.

Whenever appropriate, her retreat or seminar format includes small group interaction, time for personal reflection, and art/play therapy focused on expressions to God. Brenda and her husband Frank live in Texas, and have three married sons, one grandson and two dogs.


“Brenda walks the REAL journey with humility and speaks the truth, whether in a large group setting or one-on-one. I was personally impressed with her servant’s attitude to the women at our retreat. She teaches us to become more REAL by sharing her own shortcomings, and continually served us with an open heart. Inviting her to lead your retreat is embracing the love and rest of God.”
Joanna Miller, Co-founder, More than Rubies, USA, Inc.

“Even though our women’s group covers a wide spectrum of ages and backgrounds, we could all see some of ourselves in Brenda and her story. By the end of our seminar, there was not a dry eye or an empty heart.”
Tonya Moser, Women’s Retreat Coordinator
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Carrollton, Texas