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Location: Arizona
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Bobbie Rill’s passion for God’s Word and helping people reach their potential, along with her gift of encouragement, humor, and years of experience in working with women give her a unique ability to connect with people.

Bobbie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and former Executive Director of the Family Life Counseling & Educational Centers. She has developed and hosted the radio program Person to Person and the fast paced, 2-minute radio feature called LifePoints and has appeared as a guest on the nation wide radio program, Parent Talk. Bobbie currently serves as director of women’s ministry for Family Life Communications, which includes hosting the national conferences, as well as writing and producing the daily radio feature for women.

Bobbie is a regular contributing author to the Family & Friends devotional published bi-monthly by Family Life Communications and a contributing author to Zondervan’s Kisses of Sunshine series. She has served on the external advisory board for the Department of Counseling and Special Education at Central Michigan University and the Advisory Council for the National Abstinence Association.

She and her husband Bob reside in Arizona. They have two grown children, Brigette and Brent, a son-in-law, Steve and an adorable grandson named Skyler. Bobbie is a frequent speaker at women’s retreats and conferences.

Topics include:

Bobbie loves to tailor her presentations around the needs/goals of your event and your theme but is also willing to give suggestions. Here are a few of her favorite topics that take you into the heart of God’s Word:

Victorious Secrets – Living the abundant life Christ came to give mentioned in John 10:10 isn’t as obvious as one might think. Bobbie helps explore some of the best-kept secrets that can make all the difference in a woman’s life. While this material can be presented in one or two sessions, it is best suited for at least four sessions or a weekend retreat.

Friendships – Why are some women so reluctant to develop close friendships? Do you feel like basket case when it comes to making friends? Trust me, you’re not alone! Do friendships help or hurt? What does the research say about the friendships of women? Why did Jesus choose close friends? How can you drawn people in and what can you do to be a friend indeed? These questions and more are answered in Bobbie’s heart-felt but fun presentation(s).

The Dream Giver – Having gone through Bruce Wilkinson’s training as a Dream Giver Life Coach, Bobbie takes you through the seven “lands” and helps you discover the secret longings of your heart – that dream placed there by God. You’ll learn to conquer your fears and how to overcome the obstacles that have held you back.

The 10 Ds of a Christian Entrepreneur – Bobbie maintains that every Christian ought to be an entrepreneur – not just those involved in business. You’ll not only discover what is means to be an entrepreneur, you explore 10 characteristics that will enhance your life and the impact you have on others.

Character Matters – Who on earth do you think you are? Do you really know what kind of character you possess? God’s purpose in our lives will always revolve around His intention to mold us as followers of Christ to look like Jesus. Bobbie takes the position that character is the expression of the person of Christ in your life.

Glory to God – We’ve all heard that the purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. This topic focuses on the passages in the Bible that talk about giving God glory. You’ll be surprised at what this reveals and the challenge it poses.


“I so much appreciate the personal contact you make with each woman as you speak, as well as when we are just “mixing.” What a precious time we have had.”

“I want to thank you so much. You have been speaking my language at such a level and in such a way that has encouraged and renewed me.”

“You are truly a gift to us from God! Thank you for your solid teaching but especially for your authentic Christianity.”

“I so appreciated your insight, humor and obvious passion for God and for women. Thank you for the time spent with our ministry team. You were a great encouragement.”