Bev Lowry

lowrybevFee Range: $1000-2000, $2000+
Location: Virginia
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If this name sounds familiar and you’re already laughing out loud, it’s because Bev is the mother of the popular Christian comedian, Mark Lowry. Mark says of his mom, “I’ve made a career out of talking about her. I have over 30 years of material from watching her…but, she has more than 50 years of material from watching life…I recommend her highly, not just because she’s good…but because I won’t be able to go home for Thanksgiving if I don’t!”

Bev Lowry is a much loved psychology professor at Liberty University who believes that psychology doesn’t make any sense unless you put Jesus in the subject. A gifted soloist, song writer, and recording artist, Bev is a frequently featured musician on the Old Time Gospel Hour and sings and speaks in conferences all over the country. Bev’s messages are firmly rooted in practical biblical truth and she is a sought-after speaker for banquets, retreats, parenting conferences, and seminars.