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Becky Hunter is the wife of Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland—A Church Distributed. Becky is the president of the Global Pastors Wives Network and the author of Being Good to Your Husband on Purpose (available in English and Spanish). In addition to her speaking to pastors’ wives in United States conferences, she has spoken to pastors’ wives in conferences in China, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine, Guatelmala, and Cuba. A former high school biology teacher, she is the mother of three sons: Joshua and Isaac are each married and are in full-time ministry and Joel is an Ophthalmology resident. The Hunters have four grandchildren.

Topics include:

Help! I’m a Pastor’s Wife!
Being Good to your Husband on Purpose


“Becky Hunter is such a joy. She understands and has a heart for pastors’ wives and I am thrilled that Becky is serving as the president of the Global Pastors’ Wives Network. She is a great model, as she has had years of experience and Biblical knowledge.”
Mrs. Vonette Bright
Co-founder Campus Crusade for Christ

“Becky Hunter made a difference in my life and my marriage. Her love for God and for her husband are impossible to miss and her whole family is just wonderful. She speaks the truth and she’s funny, too. You can learn a lot from her whether you have been married a few months or for years.”
Mariana Bichette
Wife of Dante Bichette former All-Star Major League Baseball player