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Location: Texas
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International Christian model and speaker, April Barr uses her energetic personality and teaching gifts to dynamically motivate, challenge and inspire audiences. With 15 years of combined experience in the corporate world and in the entertainment industry, April uniquely presents the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. By imparting biblical truths, April encourages individuals to grow into maturity by being transformed through the power of God’s word. April is the founder of Queen Esther’s Court, a ministry for encouraging and equipping women of all ages to grow in the character of God. At QEC conferences, April provides practical tips and spiritual insights derived from what she has learned: developing treasures of internal character creates true, lasting outer beauty. Don’t miss April’s monthly column on Health & Beauty at Rick Warren’s PurposeDrivenLife.com/lhj/

April has modeled and acted internationally in Europe, Mexico, and throughout the United States. She has appeared in various commercials, videos, catalogs, advertisements, and magazines such as Glamour, Vogue, Seventeen, Modern Bride and Becoming 1 & 2, magazineformats of the Bible published by Thomas Nelson.

During her career in telecommunications, April worked extensively with Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies meeting their complex communicationneeds. Presentations and training seminars extended to key executives and large audiences such as Alcatel, American Airlines, American Heart Association, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Greyhound Lines, Nokia and Trammell Crow. April’s diverse Christian teaching experience includes: discipleship training;Bible study leadership; and conference, retreat and event presentations. She has served with Billy Graham’s Dallas Crusade, Passion’s One Day college conference,Girls of Grace’s teen girl conference, Virtuous Reality’s conferences for college women, teen girls and mothers, and has appeared as a guest on Life Today with James and Betty Robison and on At Home – Live! with Chuck & Jenni Borsellino.

April resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, John, and their dog A.J.

Topics include:

True Worth – Marvelously Made
Go behind-the-scenes with April as she uncovers the startling reality of the entertainment industry. In this revealing presentation audience members discover that they are unique and marvelously made. True self-worth is realized through a divine equation and not a false, cultivated image.

True Beauty – Extreme Makeover
The ideal face? The perfect body? Reach beyond cultural boundaries in this exclusive session and participate in an extreme makeover that money can’t buy. Join April in learning how to nurture an inner beauty that will never fade.

True Colors – God’s Designer Clothing Line
Learn to strategically clothe yourself modestly and in the full armor of God. With one-of-a-kind visual illustrations, see God’s designer clothing line that fits every body shape and never goes out of style.

True Purpose – Discover Divine Destiny
What is the meaning of life? Do I have purpose? In this power-packed presentation, April encourages participants to discover their unique gifts, talents and abilities.

True Health – Fitness Leading to Fruitfulness
Secular media promotes an unrealistic body standard and lifestyle. April communicates how to achieve physical and spiritual health inside and out by cultivating the fruit of the spirit.

True Purity – Purposeful Planning*
April challenges singles to live a lifestyle of integrity and abstinence. This presentation is designed to assist the audience in avoiding emotional scars, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy and other consequences to high-risk behavior. This is a not-to-be-missed message of hope that ministers the life-changing principle of renewed virginity.

* Can be adapted for public schools & other venues.

Comments on Queen Esther’s Court:

“[this makes] God’s Word applicable and alive. It is refreshing to see ladies make a commitment to hold themselves to a standard that glorifies God.”
Andrea Kohlman, Pastoral Care Southeast Christian Church

“a valuable message for women of any age. I appreciate April’s attitude and enthusiasm, as well as her commitment to scripture as the foundation for every point.”
Jeni Hardin, attendee

“This is God’s truth about beauty. April’s personality, experiences, one-of-a-kind visuals and her love for God give hope for living in the world.”
Shelley Palmer, attendee

“… April’s spiritual application helped me be accountable for what I look at, listen to and say.”
Grace Anne Arnold, attendee

“Girls and their mothers were individually touched. April has an ability to quickly relate to every lady.”
Andrea Wrape, Pastor’s Wife Saturn Road Church of Christ


“Even as a young person, April was a gifted communicator. Now April is more than gifted, she is phenomenal…”
Danny Roberts, Senior Associate Pastor North Richland Hills Baptist Church

“April inspires the next generation of women to recklessly abandon themselves to God.”
Jackie Kendall, President Power to Grow Ministries & Best-selling Author, Lady in Waiting

“…clear, concise and never wavering from biblical truth.”
Richard Covington, Student Minister The Heights Baptist Church

“…an important message to students who relate to her ‘been there done that’ approach.”
Michael Waldrop, Counselor Liberty Christian School