Annetta E. Dellinger

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Location: Ohio
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As The Joy Lady, Annetta Dellinger’s mission statement is to be a contagious Joyologist for Jesus Christ, used by Him to encourage and uplift others with a burning desire to intimately know Him through His Word as their true Source of Joy, and to be ablaze with His grace. A highly sought after international speaker, trainer and consultant for more than 25 years who gives women hope to draw on the real Source of JOY in all circumstances! A prolific author of more than 30 books which include: Lord, Lead Me Through Motherhood, a wide variety of children’s books and resource material for parents and educators. Her newest book, Be Joyful…Who Me? contains 5-minute Joy-Spirations. Annetta is a frequent guest on Christian radio programs and her engaging personality and motivational style inspires young and old alike. She gives her audiences a unique, fresh, reality-based perspective that is based in biblical truth.

Topics include:

Survivor Secrets to Cultivating Contentment! Philippians 4
In the Potter’s Hand – Jeremiah 18:1-6
Celebrate! You Are a Woman with Worth! Romans 12:1-2
Joy in Your Life Journey – John 15:11-12, Lamentations 3:22,23
Grab Joy and Go! Nehemiah 8:10, Psalm 16:11, John 15:11-12
Rise and Whine…or Shine! Psalm 118:24
Witnessing With Humor through Joy Boxes Proverbs 15:13
In God’s Cascading Love Romans 5:5
The JOY in Our Kaleidoscope Life Romans 8:28, Ephesians 1:11
Joyercise! Exercise Daily – Walk with the Lord, Nehemiah 8:10
I’m Not Aging. I’m Marinating! Isaiah 46:4
De-Stress Your Holly Daze and Make Memories

She will customize topics to fit your theme.


“Contagious Exuberance, Energy and Warmth!”
Convention Counselor, TX

“We thought it was awesome the way Annetta mixed and talked with us, her friendliness was so evident and the joy of the Lord overflowed from her. She gave us reason to live JOY, give JOY and put God’s love into action!”
Women’s Ministry Planner, NE

“The Joy Lady is dynamic, funny and very real! Yet everything is tied to Scripture! Annetta is captivating and genuine in her message. We learned to “inhale hope and exude joy!”
Women’s Retreat Planner, TN

“Annetta was a real JOY to work with. Not only did she bring JOY and inspiration to everyone who heard her speak, she was a real team player. She used the theme we had chosen and helped promote our ministry in her talks. Her ability to create characters for our theme was unbelievable We left exhilarated and encouraged! She mingled with our crowd so everyone could see that she was truly a ‘real person’ with a heart full of JOY.”
Director of Volunteer Development for the Bible League, IL

“It was exciting to have The Joy Lady as the speaker on our cruise for the week. We were daily energized by this Joyologist! Her PHD as a Perky Happy Disciple fits per perfectly!”
Cruise Member, OH